Thursday, September 28, 2017

Some Phebe progress ...

Over the last few days I've been working on the Phebe project. If you've not in the know, it's a delightful quilt made by Di Ford-Hall, a reproduction of a gorgeous vintage applique quilt. I'm having a hard time working on the HOQH blocks, and I have this feeling I'm in danger of Phebe bullying it's way to being the ONLY thing I want to work on. This happens to me A LOT!!

I've made some more blocks - I have 18 now, only 62 to go! :-) And a whole lot of cutting, different star blocks, borders and applique still ahead of me. I've made two of the inner sawtooth borders too ... just because I wanted to:

I'm going to make sure I keep everything separated in containers - there are so many tiny shapes to cut out, it will be so easy to lose them! In the middle containers are tiny scrappy squares, and little light fabric triangles - I'm weeding through the smallest of scraps to find cute ones that will work in the quilt. 

Though the stars and pieced border will have a bazillion different fabrics, the applique and the sawtooth borders will have a consistent fabric - I think it will give the eye somewhere to rest. And I'm looking forward to starting work on the applique center block, but after so much applique in the Caswell quilt, I'm just not quite ready to start ... soon though, I feel it will be soon!

In other news, the sweet ladies at Hetties Patch hooked me today with the most darling of fabrics - I have a feeling I may go in and get more. See if you can guess why I had to have some ...

Isn't it just the most gorgeous print? And there was another one that was all Nutcrackers ... I feel like that will have to be mine too. No idea what I'll be doing with it, but when has that ever stopped me?

Well, that's it from me this evening, I'm going to do a little more cutting I think, I'm just loving revisiting my scrap fabrics and working out pretty combinations for the star blocks. Chatter soon! xox


Unknown said...

Oooh! Your start to Phebe looks so good!

AnnieO said...

You do often get hijacked by a quilt in early stages! Enjoy it all! The nutcracker fabric is sweet I can't imagine it's a common print found locally, no doubt you should snap it up.

Janet said...

Your sawtooth borders are perfect. I can't wait to see what you do with the applique. Very cute Nutcracker fabric. Happy weekend.

Pip said...

I'm betting it won't be long before Phebe takes over :) using the same background fabric for the applique and sawtooth borders will also provide continuity throughout the whole quilt.


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