Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hancocks Fabric Arrives!

The fabric I ordered from Hancocks on the 21st of last month has arrived. I still feel some guilt about this fabric when it comes to my fabric diet, but I ordered it before I knew about the diet ... so I'll make sure this is the only new fabric I touch this month!

The three fabrics on the right are destined for my entry in the guild show this year. I've sent my entry into the competition, I'll be making a miniature quilt, a very non-traditional baltimore style quilt. It has to have a maximum diameter of 80 inches. Mine will be about 19 inches square.

The two fabrics on the left are 'justin' fabrics ... as in 'just in case'. The Sturbridge II fabric was closing out at $1.99 per half yard, so of course I had to get some. I've got a pile of Sturbridge II put aside for a quilt called Scrap Tease. This one will add a little more flavour to it. The top fabric on the left is a background I thought would be useful. I have a gap in my stash where backgrounds are concerned, so it's a little stash enhancement.

Lastly, I purchased the Miss Rosie book. I really like the Miss Rosie patterns, so thought I'd get the book. It will be a great one to use up some of the scraps. I love scrap quilting!

Today my brother in law is coming over to help me out with the very last of the painting. By the end of today there will be no more painting to do! Is it possible?? My BIL has recently finished up at work, and come back home before he heads overseas, so he's at a loose end during the day. How wonderful for him to help me out. He will be very useful when moving heavy furniture!


quiltpixie said...

I'm fascinated to see how those bright fabrics fit into a minatuer "baltimore like" quilt. I love them, but they sure don't scream "baltimore" to me :-)

Screen Door said...

That book is on my wish list too. She has that book and one other. If you look closely, you will realize she is bringing together a lot of the $9.00 each patterns into one book VERY reasonably priced. After the fabric diet I want to go to connecting Threads and order thread and that book. Enough Yakking....

P.s. Chelsey's pulling into the driveway.

Hanne said...

Lovely fabrics Tazzie :-)
This is a fabric diet, right, not a "wrap any new fabric around your neck and pull" ;-)
I can see how the right side fabrics will fit into a miniature.
Miniatures can very well take some bolder colour combinations. I am looking forward to see yours.
Today is join quilt halves and add binding day - yeah - I am done with the quilting !! I hope to give this quilt to DD1 tomorrow evening. I can do it :-)

KCQuilter said...

Love your new purchases and can't wait to see your miniature. Also really love that phrase "justin" fabrics LOL. I think I have a lot of those too!!!

cher said...

hurray for help with painting!

jpquilter said...

It is no buy in August - not no receiving shipments in August! I think you are well within the boundaries - wow, we are hard on ourselves aren't we? I am loving your DJ blocks. Thanks for posting so many pictures.

Dawn said...

YOur fabrics are gorgeous! I love those sturbridge fabrics! And Miss Rosie's patterns are so fun! One of my long armers does quilting for her! Isn't that fun!

Fiona said...

Great fabrics, I love getting fabrics by post. I am also a total geek and get extra excited when they come from another country - how sad is that?


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