Saturday, August 05, 2006

G1 - Hattie's Hen House

I was on the phone to my wonderful quilting friend Jenny yesterday, and we were discussing how the blogging had revived our interest in working on our Dear Janes. She asked me about the maths for making up the hourglass blocks - you know the shortcut ones. And then she told me she was thinking about making up the G1 block with two hourglass blocks, and applique the one on top.

You know, last time I made the DJ, I never even thought about doing it that way, and I don't know that I would have thought about it this time unless Jenny pointed it out! So, of course I had to make one up using her suggestion, and look how great it came out!

Yesterday during the day I managed to get all the machine quilting done on the Dancing Dolphin quilt, and I put the binding on too. I've only hand sewed down a little of the binding. That sounds like I'm disappointed that I didn't finish it, but I don't mean it to sound that way ... I'm thrilled with what I achieved. Today if I get the time, I would like to finish the binding, mark out some quilting to do on the dolphin itself, and I would like to have a play around with some beads. I know I have a pile of purple ones, and maybe some nice ones on the eye too?

This morning Amy had netball, her team had a great win. It was Adelaide Thunderbirds club day, so the club mascot was roaming around the courts (there are 28 courts there!) Amy had her picture with the Thunderbird ... (I think it looks like a pigeon *s* in a fun way).

Have a great weekend everyone!


quiltpixie said...

the DJ block is gorgeous. the points line up so perfectly...

Linda_J said...

It sounds like your friend came up with the good solution to the block. It lines up perfectly.

I think this is how Eleanor Burns does her Dutch Windmill quilt though she uses preprinted interfacing. I'll check the book---it is one that I got with a filled in punch card and a birthday discount. Finn sent the perfect fabric for me to try out the technique too--a pretty coral.

Good going on getting the dolphin quilt closer to completion. Beading would add some interesting sparkle to the proceedings!

Bonnie said...

Wow - that block looks wonderful. Isn't it great to get a good idea from someone?

jpquilter said...

what a great way to tackle that block - love the fabrics you used too - thanks for passing on the tip

Shelina said...

I like the block - I might just have to make that one soon so I don't forget how you did it. Good for you for getting so much of your dolphin done. I usually save the binding for the very last part, but adding the beadwork, etc sounds like a good idea to do after you are done binding. Then you can keep adding more and more beading.

Susan said...

That 30s DJ is going to look so different! I can hardly wait to see it together.


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