Friday, August 11, 2006

Double Irish Chain

Since my friend Jenny visited the other day with her Double Irish Chain quilt, I have been absolutely hanging to make my own. I have had the pieces cut out in my ‘scrap users system’ boxes for some time, but for various reasons have not had the opportunity to get to it.

Well, last night, I decided to start! Even if only to satisfy my need to make some of these wonderful blocks. It’s a bit nutty, after all, it’s not like I’ve never made them before, because I made the table toppers using this pattern for Donna and Karen. Anyway, last night I made 5 blocks. They were super quick to put together. I just kept sewing pairs together, and then one of the pairs had an extra sewn to it, and the block was made! Now I'll need to make some of the alternate blocks so the pattern pops out. I apologise if the picture quality is poor, I had to take the picture with my phone as I accidentally flattened my camera yesterday … I left it turned on while connected to the laptop … all day! Ooops!

On Tuesday I went shopping at a variety store … needed some things like stationery etc …. and made a fatal mistake at the checkout … they had these puzzle books called Sudoku. I thought it looked interesting and picked one up. Big mistake … I tried one, and then another … they’re addictive! I didn’t see a warning on the cover … “warning – if you’re easily addicted, look away”. I will have to give the book to Amy, I don’t think I have room in my life for another time consuming addiction!

Just a quick question to those of you who use bloglines. I signed up yesterday, and I’m not really sure exactly how to use it (I haven’t had a lot of time to check it out). I assume you load all your fave blogs in there, do you then view them within bloglines, or is it a notification service? Any input would be appreciated!

Have a great day everyone!


Screen Door said...

First of all - Sudoku Puzzles are the BEST!!! Aerobics for your brain. We get them in the daily newspaper. Don (DH) makes copies and there is usually 4 or 5 teenagers in the house and we have races to see who wins....So much fun!!!

Bloglines, personally I use it as a notification service and then go and read the actual blog on line. The colors are more beautiful than reading through bloglines I think.

Enough Yacking...

Linda_J said...

it is more a notification service though you can read the posts there if you wish BUT you cannot comment. Got to open the post at the subject line and if there is none, scroll on down to permalink at the bottom of the post.

It is not fool proof sometimes you may miss one--and if there are none of your blogs with posts, get suspicious because some one is always posting!

tami said...

I use it for notification too and it came in really handy when the blog rings were down. It tells who has posted something new and how many posts since the last time you checked. I then follow the hyperlink to the blog to read and make comments. If I don't have much time I will just bring up all of the new posts and skim them in bloglines.

Nancy said...

Uh OH Sudoku! I tell everyone I know do NOT start these. It's very, very addicting. I have the program on my laptop, I have 2 books of puzzles one of which is always with me. We make copies of the daily puzzle from the newspaper at work and all of us have to work on it during the day. AND then we also print off the daily puzzle online and make copies for all of us.

When Billie Lauder came to our guild in June and showed her Sudoku quilt I was able to pull a puzzle from my purse to show everyone what it was. I had more than one person comment that I must be addicted. And I am. :-)

In fact I'm working on a Sudoku quilt for my temp worker who's the one who started me on them. She's been with us since last November and will be leaving us soon and I want her to have something to remember her time with us.

Susan said...

Your phone takes great pictures! Love the way the scrappy Irish Chain is looking. Hope to see it with the alternate blocks soon.

Hanne said...

I have marked Bloglines as a favourite. Every time I find a blog I like I then go to favourites, click it and then follow the bloglines instructions from there.
I use bloglines in different ways. I read some on bloglines, and if the post is interesting, I have the option of clicking on the post headline and get it on the actual blog or I can click on the blog headline and get the whole blog. Bloglines does not show all photos, and not fonts and colours. In my not so humble opinion I like the full package - it is the blogger's blog "personality". Blogline can not always trusted, but is a great helper.
You have to log in to bloglines to get the updates.

Mrs. Moody said...

Sudoku is the best! I would never give it up as a mental break. I have a mechanical one that I keep in my purse at all times to make sure that I have something to do if I am ever waiting somewhere.

Bloglines is also great as well. It's a wonderful notification service for letting you know when blogs are updated. It does have it's kinks and misses some at times but you can always find them.

Cynthia said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to see someone else from Australia. Will be back to read your blog.

Dawn said...

Wow your camera phone takes wonderful pictures! They all turned out great! I love your double irish chain blocks - I can't wait to see them with setting blocks now! How fun!


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