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Friday, December 05, 2008

In print now!

My 'Among the Evergreens' quilt and runner came out in Australian Patchwork and Quilting this past week. How fun to see more of my scraps up in lights!

The runner in particular has special memories for me. I created the project for the Wednesday girls at the store. It was kind of a ruse, because Maureen had a 70th birthday looming, and we were conspiring to make a quilt for her. So, while the girls were working on their 'runner' they were actually making the blocks up for Maureen's quilt right under her nose. It was really fun. And Maureen made up a whole runner with no idea of what was going on!

I have had more doctors appointments this week. As soon as I finished my second course of antibiotics I started to flag again, but in a different way - breathless and heavy in the chest. I've now has blood tests and this afternoon some chest x-rays. The doctor is worried that I'm not resting enough, and he's probably right - I love my job, and have many deadlines at home too. I'm on my third course of stronger antibiotics, and I'll wait to hear what his verdict is. I won't let this get me down - the power of positive thinking (and some rest) will get me thru this :-)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Out soon!

Spotted at the back of the current issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

A little screed about two small projects I made that will be appearing in the next issue. The project is called 'Among the Evergreens' and the magazine goes on sale on 5th December. Do check it out - I'd love it if you would :-)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My 'Among the Evergreens' quilt is now quilted and bound. All that remains is to cut away the excess backing and batt, and to hand sew the binding on the reverse side.

I will write up the directions over the next couple of days, and it's my hope to have the quilt in the mail on Wednesday next week. IMHO this is a cute quilt, and it's scrappy too, but in a controlled way.

Something that always confronts me when I make up scrap quilts is how little the quilt appears to use up, and therefore the massive potential for further quilts from my scrap boxes. I don't want to be making scrap quilts forever, but I have a feeling it's something I'll be doing. There are people that never make scrap quilts, so I wonder what they do with their leftovers? Their scraps must mount up in a huge way.

It's growing late here, and I'm tired, so I'll check in with you all again later in the week. x o x

Monday, June 23, 2008


Finally I've stitched the last border in place on my latest quilt top. It seems to have taken absolutely forever to get this one together. I guess it seems that way because of all the excitement that has happened while it was in progress.

I'd love to get quilting on it tonight, but I'm not sure I have enough batt, and I really don't feel like piecing one right now. I think I'll put the 'in progress' pieces together, which shouldn't take long, and maybe I'll start on another customer quilt. I have six lined up for me at the moment.

In fun news, I had a call from the travel agent - our tickets and travel vouchers are all ready to be collected, so I'll be able to stop in and get them on Friday. It will seem so real when I have those babies in my hot little hands. It's just over three months now ... I hope it really flies by!

Best get stitching ... TTYL x o x

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A little more of the Evergreens

Here's where I'm at with the Among the Evergreens top. I just need to sew the final border in place.

It's a little hard for me to believe that I've found some (a precious little) sewing time in the past couple of days, and it's a nice diversion. Tomorrow I'll finish the top off, and then baste a customer's top ready for quilting.

It'll be a bit of a relax-y day tomorrow - I have no commitments other than those that are quilty. Today was basketball for Cam, netball for Amy, and then this afternoon Cam had his 6th birthday party with his school friends. We had a lovely time with 18 5-6 year olds. I wish I'd taken a snap of the party favours I made up for the kids. Cute tumblers filled with sweets, coloured gel pens, and twisty-straws, all wrapped up with cello and curling ribbon. They looked really nice.

And last night (because Friday was his actual birthday) we had the family party at home. Such a nice time, and he certainly received some wonderful gifts. He has a new bigger boys bike, more of his favourite Lego and some new clothes. Such a big two days for the little guy, he's going to sleep soundly tonite ... and so will I :-)

I really appreciate everyone's kind wishes and thoughts after our icky day on Tuesday. We're entirely thankful that we weren't hurt, and also for the good news that the other family taken to hospital will be fine too. Thank you all so much. x o x

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oops - shopping happened!

Yesterday afternoon I was reading the Sunday Mail, and the Spotlight catalogue fell out. Of course I had to glance thru it, and I noticed that they were discounting their wool by 30%, and there was 20% off all haby and quiting fabrics.

I decided to mosey on over, and was very excited to find that they were selling out their discounted fabric for $2.00 per metre! The paisley that I purchased the other day - well, I got the rest of the bolt. The green in the picture - the rest of the bolt. The blue dots - 3 metres, and the other two weren't discounted fabrics, but still so reasonably priced, and very useful for my current project.

If there's something you've been keeping an eye on in the discounted fabric area - I'd head on over there now. Run, don't walk! I also got some more bobbins, and some of the sock wool in a colour I feel hubby will like.

And here is my up to the minute progress on the 'Among the Evergreens' quilt. It's coming along quickly, and I'm liking it a whole lot. I'm so pleased I got that paisley fabric on a whim, I think it really works in this quilt.

Tonight I'd like to finish it to borders - I'll see how busy I get. Tomorrow I have shopping plans - I need to get ready for Cameron's birthday which is on Friday (kiddy party on Saturday). I can't believe the little guy is turning six already. Doesn't time fly!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trees & Kitty Love

Go Tazzie! I finished up the five 'Among the Evergreens' blocks this afternoon. I've made these up before for Maureen's surprise quilt, and for the runner that lives on my dining table. I'm now making a wall hanging which will accompany the runner in the magazine. I just have to decide on sashing strips and the border.

See that cute paisley fabric I found in the squares there. I really like it. Ohhh, and Karen, I'm so lazy - forgive me *hugs* I haven't forgotten :-)

Tonight I strutted on a 'catwalk' for my friend Kathy. She did a presentation for her personal stylist business (Style Call) at a ladies pamper evening, and I was one of her three models. We were all dolled up and had a really nice time. My red shoes had their first outing, and I just love them. I also wore fishnet stockings! OMG!!

While checking the camera for my quilty photo, I found this picture that Amy must have snapped this afternoon. Some 'Kitty Love'. The fur persons are always tussling and playing together, and usually in the next moment napping together. I'm not sure why they're ON the dining table ... not my favourite place for them to be ... but I'll forgive them :-)

Should run, it's getting late here, and I feel like I could use some zzzzz's. Be good, and I'll check in with you all soon. x o x

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready ... Set ... Piece!

I know I've said it before - I work well with deadlines. Perhaps once or twice I may have twiddled my thumbs for a while to create artificial pressure for myself ... but I've never left starting a quilt until three weeks before my deadline!

Never fear, my next magazine quilt is now underway, and I'm sure I can have it done in time.

Don't worry about the two 'gifties' I still have to finish, and the customer quilts I have to complete. Sleep is highly overrated, and I'm just loving that quilting is my life!

In other news, I may or may not have ordered the fabric kit you'll find here. Okay, I did order it ... but I can't play with it, I'm having it delivered to Linda so I can pick it up when I visit with her in the USA. OMG, Cameron can't wait. He fell in love with it at first sight. I may have done so too ... :-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All is revealed ...

Today was the day we presented Maureen with her surprise quilt. It will be her 70th birthday on Saturday, and it was planned that we would present her with a lovely treat to mark the occasion.

Helen, Jenny S, Jenny C, Lyn, Pauline, Roz, Robyn, Wendy and myself all made blocks, Cheryl donated the back and batt, and then as you know I put it all together.

It was a super fun project, and Maureen was very surprised and thrilled.

I named the project 'Among the Evergreens' - actually it has the same name as the table runner I made a little while back. The table runner was a project for the girls in class, but also a ruse so that when the girls were working on the blocks Maureen would think they were working on their runners. In reality they were working on the blocks for her quilt.

Maureen confessed today that she had no idea anything was going on - how fun!

Tonight I am taking the Amy and her friend Bec to dance rehearsals, and it's likely to finish rather late. I don't think there will be much sewing going on today. But there's always tomorrow ...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

More mats & Binding

I'm in the process of hand sewing down the binding on the 'super secret tree quilt' now. Cheryl has had it for the last couple of days and has been sewing down the binding in spare moments to give me a break, and I'll have another big session on it tonite. We're on the home stretch now, and it will feel really good to have it done. I can't wait to take pictures on Wednesday and share them with you.

And here are some other items I've been working on. It's just all Sewing Mats, all the time here! One is reserved for Nadine, and the other - well, whoever fancies it I guess :-) They're in my Etsy shop if you want to take a looky.

My little man Cameron is feeling a little poorly this afternoon, he has a slightly high temperature, so we'll be staying close to home and keeping an eye on him. I'm not sure if I've repressed the memories or something, but it seems like this little guy picks up more bugs than his sister ever did. There are some icky bugs going around right now, so I want to be vigilant. I've dosed him with Panadol, and we'll have lots of quiet time activities.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! x o x

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tree Top Done

I really hope you're not tired of seeing this quilt top. I've been showing it to you step by tiny step. I'm thinking that this is a noteworthy step however, so here's a picture.

Borders have been added, so the top is finished. It does need a really good press, and then I can baste it ready for quilting. I had hoped to be further along by now, but I do know I can have it finished in time for the suprise presentation.

The kids and I had fun at the movies yesterday - we saw the new Simpsons movie. Of course the kids loved it, and I enjoyed it too. The cinema was really full, I haven't seen it that busy in a little while. When we came out of the theatre, the queue was huge, we're glad we went to an earlyish session.

Nothing much more of note happening here ... I'll catch up with you all soon! x o x

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More on the Tree Quilt

Here is where the 'suprise quilt' is up to. I only have two diagonal seams left to sew, and I haven't managed to work up the energy today to do it. What I have done is a little knitting on the current sock, and this afternoon I even took a little Nanna nap. This week must have taken more out of me than I thought, as it's rare for me to sleep in the daytime.

I should be able to finish the seams this evening, and then put the border on. I've chosen a cute William Morris style print for the border, it should look great. It would be nice to get the quilt basted tomorrow so I can get busy on the quilting.

There were a few questions about blocks being different sizes having been stitched by different people. Good call - I did anticipate there might problem with that. There were two blocks that I had to use a scant seam on the block when attaching to the sashing strips. One had to be eased a little, and hopefully the quilting will hide any problem that will create. I knew that sashing strips would have to be used, it would have been a nightmare to put together if the blocks were to abut each other.

I mentioned my sock knitting earlier - just before I started preparing dinner, I picked up the instep stitches and started working along the foot. So, I'm on the home stretch of the second natural/cream coloured sock. Something I'm going to do after I finish up this sock is unravel the first pair of socks I knitted. I haven't actually worn the first socks because I don't like the pattern as much as the one I'm using now. Because the yarn was quite a pricey one, I thought I'd knit the wool up with the Patons pattern. I know I'll like it a lot better.

Last up, a quick shout out to my friend Jenny, she popped in for an unexpected visit this afternoon, and it was wonderful to see her. Let's have a sewing 'play date' soon hon, I'll put the coffee on!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Among the Evergreens Quilt

There are some quilting friends that I'm reasonably certain don't stop by my blog. I'm pretty sure that the the intended recipient of this quilt is one of them. I really hope so, or this quilt won't be a surprise.

I'll just say that I didn't make all these blocks, just four of them. A lot of other ladies made one or two blocks each and I'm currently putting them all together as a special birthday gift for a wonderful friend. I'll share a much better picture and more information after it's actually given away.

Isn't it fun how people can all have the same set of directions, and all come up with the most wonderfully individual blocks. I love each and every one of them, they're just great. I hope that the setting I've chosen and the coordinating fabrics will do the blocks justice. It's really fun laying the blocks out and putting all the bits together.

Tonight my friend Jane and I went to a movie. We saw 'Knocked Up' - it was a really funny movie. It was nice to have some time out together. I haven't been getting out so much lately with all the quilty stuff going on. Tomorrow I'm working at the quilt store, and on Thursday too. I haven't been there over the holidays, so I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

A couple of people have expressed interest in a pattern for the sewing machine mat. I don't really have one, I just made mine up based on a tutorial that I saw over at Dawn's blog. I don't remember exactly when it was, but I'm sure it'll be in her archives. I'll have a looky later in the week to find the exact post. The mat that I made sold very quickly, and I've had a couple of requests for more, so I'm hoping to have a couple more made by the end of the week.

Ohhh, and I nearly forgot - Cameron's first day at school was entirely wonderful. There were no tears shed by either of us, and this morning he wanted to go back, so that has to be a good sign. It's really hard to believe my little guy is growing up, but I know it's inevitable.

Well, that's it from me, I'll TTYL. x o x

Friday, June 08, 2007

On a roll ...

Or on the table really :-) I finished the table runner yesterday! I knew I'd need some hand work for quilt group yesterday, so Wednesday evening after the kids had gone to bed, I seriously applied myself to the task of quilting the table runner. At around 11.30pm I was done with the quilting and set to sewing on the binding. After lunches were made for the next day, I got to bed around 12.30am. Not a really late night for me, but for a week night, it's up there :-) but it did mean that I could hand sew the binding down the next day. It's nice to have something different to do at quilt group. Lately I have been taking along the whole cloth quilt, and that gets a little old after a while. I put it on the table, and rather than the blue and white china candelabra that sits on the table, I thought the potplant from the family room would look cuter there. So I swapped them over.

I have some chores to get through this morning, and then I have to start working in earnest again on the Starstruck quilt. I unexpectedly received a commissioning letter for it yesterday, and I have around five weeks to have it ready. I had planned to hand quilt it with a black perle cotton, so if I want maximum hand quilting time, I really need to get motoring. I cut the remainder of the background fabric last night, and can you believe it, I was short by six 3 1/2" squares. Too cruel! I'm not stressing over it though, and I've used a very similar print that I have on hand for the six squares, and I'm going to call it a 'feature'. I like quirky things like that in a quilt, even if they're not really planned on.

Well, that's it from me, I've my work cut out for me ... I'll TTYL! x o x

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday Work Day

Yesterday I had quite a productive day, I finished up piecing an extra four tree blocks (gosh HST's can get repetitive after a while!) and then put them together into this table runner.

I hesitated over putting the William Morris print into the setting triangles, as I thought it was just too busy. But I decided to give it a go and now I quite like it. In this project I did something I almost never do ... I mixed Thimbleberries prints in with other fabrics! That's so unusual for me. I often joke that I don't think TB fabrics play nicely with others, I'm joking of course, and have no problem putting all sorts of other fabrics together, but it's just an odd thing I stick to. Well yesterday I broke my own rule, and I'm really happy with the results. It came about because I just didn't have enough of any of the right green for the border. I guess this will be the start of a new era for me :-)

Ohhh, I should point out, the little bits of brown print you see around the edges is the table runner that was already on the table ... I was too lazy to take it off before I took the picture.

And the last picture for today ... some log cabin blocks I made up last night. These are destined to become coasters.

If I get a chance this morning I'll tear out the foundation papers. I have to head off to work shortly, but being at the quilt store doesn't seem like work at all :-)

Have a great day! x o x

Monday, June 04, 2007

Scrap Trees

These are the tree blocks the girls at the quilt store and I are making up for Maureen's birthday quilt. I love the way they look. I'm going to make up a further four blocks so I can put together the table runner I drew up last month. I've already foundation pieced all the trunk sections, I just need to make up a whole lot more HST's. I've been using some thangles that I've had sitting around for a while, I showed the girls at class how to use them. Normally I'd just use my Easy Angle ruler, but I thought this time I should practice what I've been preaching :-)

I'm just so thrilled that I started following Bonnie's Scrap Users System. Throwing these trees together with scraps was a breeze with all the 2 1/2" strips pre-cut. Back in the old days I'd have had to rummage through the scraps and trim them to size and ... well, you know the drill. Scrap quilting is so much easier now, and I'm actually seeing something of a reduction in my scraps!

And here is another set of placemats I made yesterday. These ones are about one inch smaller all around, and I used a different fabric for the binding.

I'm almost out of the length of braid that I made up, so if I want to make up some more placemats, I'll have to make up some more braid. Not a problem with all the Thimbleberries fabric I have on hand - I just need to piece at a faster rate than the Thimbleberries scraps reproduce.

That's it from me ... I have a lot of work to get through today, so it's 'nose to the grindstone' for me! Have a great one! x o x

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Table Runner

During the school holidays I was trying to come up with a table runner project that I could share with my students. I wanted one that would use up scraps, wasn't too hard, and of course that looked cute.

After playing around with an applique project unsuccessfully, I had this idea this evening. It's not like it's ground breaking or anything, but I think it'll look really cute made up with scrap greens and backgrounds, and would look wonderful done in a Christmas theme. I think I'm going to call it "Among the Evergreens".

I'll use my 2.5" strips to create the half square triangles, so the squares and tri's will be 2" finished. I don't know that I'll have the time (with the other quilt on the go) but it would be nice if I could make this up for my Mum. If you like it, go ahead and make it, and be sure to share pictures :-)

Vickie W asked yesterday about the finished size of the squares in my other project. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to you personally as your email address doesn't show up, but the finished size of the squares is 1.5". Hope that helps - but I'm sure any size would work great too.


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