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Monday, June 23, 2014

You cannot handle the cuteness ...

Early last week my pattern order from Sue Garman arrived - OMG, I was so excited and tore into the mailer - I couldn't wait to check them out! I should have shared a pic of the patterns with you, but for whatever reason I was too flaky to take that picture, so I'll save it for next time. But let me tell you that I was so excited to get working on Omigosh! that I started cutting immediately:

Those strips you see are 1in wide, so when all seams are done, the pieces will be 1/2in finished. Yes, you read that correctly. Isn't the quilt so aptly named?? Omigosh!

And of course, I couldn't stop at cutting, I had to try a little piecing. I'd had some advice from Otto recently that was going to help me with accuracy and the new machine - I'm trying a different foot - just not happy enough with the quarter inch foot. Happy days, things seem to be going okay at the moment ...

So, those little cuties that you see there are 2in at the moment ... and they'll be 1.5in finished - aren't they adorable?? A real test for accurate machine piecing. So far so good ... and I'm thinking if I keep going with this, it will be a real scrap eater!! Until now I had never saved 1in strips, nothing smaller than 1.5in strips actually, so I guess I'll have to add 1in to the rota too!

Also in the picture above, a little tin that I purchased while working at Hetties Patch. They always have the most adorable things, this combined with my complete lack of self control meant it had to come home with me. I can see myself using it for stitching hexies while I'm out and about.

Next up is another little thing I put together last week (or it could have been late the week before) I have totally lost track of time! It's just a little something I'm passing on to a friend:

It's always so nice to piece something small, and then quilt on it - you don't have all that bulk to deal with and it looks pretty without fail. I don't have a lot of batik fabric in my stash, and I really need to change that, as it's just lovely to work with.

And last up for today, Friday was my little man's birthday. Time is just going so fast, how can he possibly be twelve already??

He'll always be a tiny man to me!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Machine Quilting

These past few days, I've been machine quilting on a charity quilt I received through our guild. People donate completed tops/blocks/fabric to the charity arm of our guild, and when tops are assembled/pinned, they are offered to quilters who have the time and inclination to finish them up.

As soon as I saw this project on stage at a recent meeting, I knew I wanted to be part of finishing it up so it could be handed on to its next home. It's just delightful:

Here is a close up of one of the blocks - they are all beautifully needle-turn appliquéd, and on this block, you can see the lovely gold threads couched in place.

This block is just lovely too, the fabric used in the urn is delightful. You can't see it well in the picture, but the buds at the top of the block are dimensional, and made with a beautiful ribbon.

Some of the other blocks have reverse appliqué, and even gorgeous dimensional carnation looking flowers. So much work was put into making this top, it's puzzling that the maker was able to give it away. I have no clue who made it, but their work is seriously beautiful.

I really hope I can do the quilt top justice, it is a joy to work on - and I know that the eventual recipient of this quilt will just love it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching up ...

Now that Mrs Billings has been sorted, I can work on a few things that have been niggling at me in the background.

First up, I had promised a sweet friend that I'd quilt a little project for her. I checked that off the list this morning. Here is a little of the border:

I find the hardest part of machine quilting is deciding what to put in each area. It's something I need to work on. Also, it had been such a long time since using my machine - my quilting was a little wonky in the beginning. It's like riding a bike though, and soon I was charging along nicely.

And next on the list: I had purchased a cute nightshirt from an online store a couple of months back. I just love it, but the buttons are so far apart on it that it gapes terribly. Solution: Add extra buttonholes. Something I have never done on my machine before!

In the top right picture, you can see the 'before' situation with the buttons. Bottom left picture, my terror getting ready to cut the opening in the button holes. Thankfully it worked. And bottom right picture, more buttons, happy wearer!

I don't have to procrastinate over this project any longer, and I'll be toasty warm in bed tonight!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lightning speed ...

Wow! My dear friend Lizzy is amazing! I can honestly say I've never heard any urban legends recounting tales of quilts being turned around in 16 hours, but that is exactly how long it took for my quilt to be quilted and back in my hands! Amazing!!

I've taken the blurriest of pictures for your enjoyment:

And believe it or not, I actually cropped the worst of the blurriness out!

For those who enjoy their pictures a little more in focus, a close up:

I'm just thrilled with how it's come out - Lizzy is an amazing quilter, and so fast!! (I'm super lucky that she'd finished up with her Christmas deadline quilting.)

I've already applied the binding, and I'm around one quarter the way through the hand stitching on the reverse side - I used the same fabric that I used in the sashing strips for the binding and it looks really cute.

Also done today, I made up the dough and cut out the templates for this years gingerbread house. Hopefully I'll have some successes tomorrow to share. (Ohhh, and I'll just say this quietly ... It's now the 22nd of December here in Australia, which means 'apocalypse averted' ... Yay!)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Insert sound of crickets chirping here ...

Oops - I didn't mean to be away for so long, I don't really have a very good excuse - only that I've been on the 'down low' with sinus trouble, ohhh, and a lack of very much interesting to share ... But I'm here now - still not much to share, but there ya go :-)

I'm still working on the hexagons for 'block three' of Mrs Billings coverlet - I really hope I'll have enough done soon to be shareworthy - they're really cute, and I'm loving the ones that I've fussy cut. If I have a chance tomorrow, I'll applique some to the background so I can love them some more :-)

The other thing I did this week was quilt a small charity project for the guild. This is it:

I don't actually know who pieced it, but isn't it cute? I finished binding it today while watching the F1GP. (And a big thank you to Lizzy for her part in the binding too!) And regarding the F1, love that there's two Aussies in it this year!

And here's something I forgot to share from my travels to the USA:

To add to my collection of Masons Vista, I had the two handled soup bowls delivered to Linda's house so I could bring them home with me, they're so cute, and terribly expensive and hard to find here.

I wasn't sure they'd make it home unscathed - I had to put my carry on bag into valet baggage on one of my short hops - and while I was waiting to pick the bag up at the side of the aircraft, I saw the bag somersault off the end of the little conveyor onto the tarmac. OMG, I swear my heart just stopped! I didn't have an opportunity to unwrap anything to make sure it was okay, so you can imagine my relief when I got home and found that nothing had been damaged - phew!

Well, that's it from me - I need to do some reading with Camo, and then I have some emails to return. Chatter soon! xox

Monday, August 15, 2011

Something different ...,

Hand quilting has kept me very much occupied since I last posted, but recently I've had the need to work on a couple of different things:

A dear friend Margaret came to visit Friday week ago for a sewing afternoon. Rather than continue with my quilting, I thought I'd start on the Civil War Love Letters quilt I'd like to work on when I'm done with the NI. I made the two easiest blocks I could find, just to see if I really want to continue with the fabrics I've chosen.

These blocks are called 'Enthusiasm' and 'Virginia Military Institute'. I quite like them, and think I'll continue in this vein :-)

And on Friday last week, I quilted something that I threw together at the shop on Thursday.

It's a table runner made using the Kaliedorule - it'll be useful for demo's at the shop, and really nice if I do say so myself! Amazing things can be done with lovely border prints :-)

And this morning, I just finished quilting on this little project. It's hanging on my clothes airer, so looks a little funny.

I had a really great time quilting this one - it's the Dogwood Trail fabric and project from Moda. This is also a shop sample, and I hope there are still kits left as I type this, because they've been going so fast!

Well, that's what I've been up to recently - this afternoon I'll be getting back to the hand quilting - I'm really getting it done now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And it's done ...

Just last night I put the last stitches in the binding of the cot quilt. This was really fun to put together - a treat after working with such small pieces for such a long time.

Such large strips meant I could go to town with the quilting. So of course I got busy with my favourite thing - feathers ... with a few swirly tendrils thrown in for good measure.

I have missed working on my NI quilt though - so I'm looking forward to getting some more hand quilting done soon. Perhaps tonight while I'm checking in on the next installment of Downton Abbey - how I love that show! Chatter soon :-)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Busy Quilter = Neglectful Blogger

I've been so busy getting ready for my trip to the USA, that I have become a very neglectful blogger of late. You can expect more of the same, probably until the end of April when I get home I'm afraid. I leave on Friday, and while I'm away, I'm not sure of the opportunities I'll have to get on line.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of the things I've been working on:

I've bordered, quilted and bound all the fruit blocks. I'll hand sew the binding down as I have the chance. I really like these little blocks, and I'm so glad I purchased the patterns last time I was in the USA.

And right now I'm quilting on that scrap quilt I made a little while back. I hope to have it finished tonight, and then I can sew on the binding. If I'm a really clever girl, I may have it photographed before I go, so I can work on the pattern in my spare moments :-) It could happen! It's my plan to make another of these quilts, this time in a bright colourway. This one used such a good deal of my 2" scraps that I'm inspired to work on it again.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I hope you're all having a lovely time with your families and the people most important to you. This is the start of my children's school holidays, and we're spending some quality time together, as I know I'm going to miss Marty and the kids while I'm gone. They will probably cope a good deal better than I will.

Chatter soon. xox

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quickie post ...

Just a quick note to say 'Hi' and to let you all know that I haven't fallen from the planet.

I have been super busy quilting, and probably will be for a little while yet. I'm slaving away to make sure I have plenty of pocket money to take with me when I travel to Paducah in April.

I'm so looking forward to my trip, and most especially spending time with Linda. I'll also be spending time with Donna who will be hosting Linda and I at her home for a couple days. And the three of us are travelling to Paducah with Karen, Kate and Gerri as well. It's going to be a blast!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Special Project

There is a project I have wanted to get quilting on for the longest time, but other projects keep bullying their way to the front of the queue. Finally I decided that it was time, and everything else MUST wait.

I'm using one of my favourite backing fabrics - this one just speaks to me. Also, there is quite a nice chunk left from the width of the double wide piece, so I'll have some nice pieces to add interest to my scrap boxes. Happy days!

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Quilting

Here's the reverse side of some quilting I did today. Finished the top - yay! - check one more off the list.

I'm happy with this one - no thread bobbles on the reverse. Some more practice with the back-tracking, and I'll be entirely thrilled. Happy days :-)

I noticed after I posted my 'Turning Four-T' blocks last time that I have made them up wrong! The newest blocks should not have the background fabric in the middle. Makes sense now - I couldn't figure out why I hadn't cut that piece. I had - but with the correct fabric. After I've finished my chores tonight, I'll put the blocks to rights. I don't think I can live with them as they are.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about Jenny's quilt. I don't know if there is a pattern available for the quilt - I learned when she collected it that she made it up at a workshop. When I next see her I'll check to see who the designer is and if they have released the pattern for sale. Chatter soon. xox

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Feather Quilting

I love quilting feathers, and I'll take any opportunity to practice. These ones can be seen best from the back of the quilt. Love love love them!

Need to work on those thread bobbles though. Every quilt is a learning experience :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009


A little while back I mentioned a thread that I'm really enjoying quilting with right now.

Showing a picture of the thread is the best thing I can do for you, as there is nothing at all on the spools mentioning a name or a brand. I wouldn't use it for piecing, as it's not made from cotton, but for decorative quilting, I'm loving it.

And the price is amazing ... at 99c for 1000 metres!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Isn't it lucky I'm not a photographer for a living? :-)

I've been quilting on Betsy's quilt, and thought I'd share the border with you. For the second time ever, I'm doing some feathers with a curvy spine. For me, this is ground breaking!!

I'm really having fun, and that's what it's all about, right? :-)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Birthdays Approaching!

There are several family birthdays to celebrate this month. Notably, our Camo turns 7 on June 20, and also, our cousin's little man William turns 1 next week. Camo has many quilts of his own, but I have yet to make one for William - so yesterday I quilted up this cute Paddington panel to present to him for his special day. Cameron has declared it cute, so let's hope it's new owner will feel the same way.

On a completely different note, I've been meaning to post about this for a few weeks. I recently received a lovely gift from my Grandma (my Dad's Mum) - it is a lovely tea set from her collection. She knows my love of pretty china, and thought I'd appreciate and love this set. It's English made, by Gray's Pottery, and a Susie Cooper design from the 20's. Mum tells me that this is just a taste of the pieces and that there is more to come my way - how exciting! Grandma knows me well, I just love it, I'm such a fan of the Deco period, so how could I not. Thank you so much Grandma, love you to bits!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mums out there. I've had a lovely start to the day with some sweet treats from my tiny people. My family are coming over for dinner this evening, so we're sure to have a great time.

Yesterday I finished the quilting and applied the binding to these spiderweb blocks I showed you a little while back. They're destined to be part of our gift to my Mum. The colours will work so well in her home.

I had a lot of fun quilting the blocks, and I used the loveliest gold thread. The quilting shows beautifully from the back.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A first and a finish ...

Here's my tiny man sharing his first. It's his first trophy ever. This morning he celebrated the end of his first season of basketball with his little under 8 team, and they all received participation awards. He was just so excited, it's just super fun!

And here is my finish. On Thursday at around quarter to midnight, I finished quilting and applied the binding to the charm square quilt. In stolen moments over the last two days I hand sewed the reverse side of the binding, and now the quilt is complete.

Slowly, slowly I'm reducing the number of unfinished tops I have to quilt. I believe I only have two left now. Of course, that number does not include UFO's - I haven't counted them, but I know I have several tops in various stages of construction. I'm not sure I want to know how many :-)

I'm almost finished quilting on a top for a student, and then I'll start another, which will be the last one before we head off on our big adventure. Only six more sleeps!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quilting Feathers

It's late at night, but I just had to share. After we got home from Sharon and Jon's tonite, I was itching to get to some quilting.

I've done the outline quilting for the faux applique blocks, meandered about in the main part of the quilt, and now I'm working around the border.

I really love free-motion quilted feathers, and I'm really getting the hang of them now. Working around corners still gives me a few headaches, but with practice, I'm sure I'll grow confident with them too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slept in ...

This morning Amy slunk into my bedroom and said 'Mum, you really need to get up, it's quarter past eight". Ohhh my goodness, did I spring into action. Amy's school actually starts at 8.30am, and Cam needed to be at his day care lady's house after I dropped Amy off. After all, I'm working at the quilt store a little later on today! I had slept right thru the alarm!! I threw on some clothes, prepared some breakfast for Cam to eat at Christines and we all bounced into the car.

Now I'm at home, and I feel just shattered - don't you hate it when the day just doesn't start right?? I know that I'll be feeling super good soon though - firstly the caffeine will start to kick in shortly, and secondly I'll be at the quilt store soon, and there's nothing like the smell and sight of all that fabric to make a quilter feel reeeeeeealllly good! I have no idea why I was so tired, I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary, maybe I was having a really good dream that I wasn't finished up with yet?? Who knows ...

Anyways ... I promised the other day I'd draw up a diagram or something to show how to do the peacock feathers. Well, it's easy to draw it up, but it's not exactly self explanatory or anything. Can you see the drawing there, it looks a little light on the laptop.

I'll try to explain how I work these things. Each feather consists of three loops. The direction you work the first loop is the direction you're going to be heading with the last loop. So if you're ultimately wanting to be working to the right of your quilt, work the first loop to the right, the second will go to the left, and then the third to the right. You can then continue to start a new feather. It's so easy, at the bottom of the loops there's a place to rest and move your hands without making a bump. Just practice first on a piece of paper, and then move to a practice quilt sandwich. I would say the only downside to this quilting pattern is that it CAN use a LOT of thread. And speaking of thread, it looks spectacular with some of those cute shiny variegated rayon threads. Please also remember, I've said it before, I'm far from a wonderful quilter, this just works for me, and it's super fun. Let me know how you go!

And here's where I'm up to with my blocks. I just have four to put together, and then I can start working all the sashing strips into place. All the components of the blocks are already made, all the HST's, all the large flower HST's and everything is all cut and ready, they just need to be assembled.

You can see Holly there contemplating my feet ... she's about ten seconds away from attacking my thongs (that's the flip flop kind for my non-Aussie friends - not the underwear kind!). Holly is loving helping out in the sewing room ... she chases scraps of fabric all over the place, and when she's tired, she just wants to sleep in there on a folded quilt. She's a very sociable little fur-person.

Well, that should be it from me - for a sleepy gal, I've managed to type up what seems like a thesis. Hope you're all having a great day!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Door & Quilting

I'm loving my front door!! Does that sound crazy?? I have to begin by saying I don't pay that much attention to my front door. When I do actually see it, I think I should get it painted, but then it leaves my head. We live in one of those areas where people have the garage doors with the beepers, and you drive in, lower the door, and you're not seen again. So, we seldom use the front doors, except to let others in, and then we don't see the front of the door too much anyway.

You can see by the picture the colour of the bricks my home is built from, and prior to the picture being taken, the door was varnished, and actually the colour was not all that different from the bricks. Just yellowish flaking varnish. If we didn't do something about it, the wood was going to be badly affected by the sun, so we asked our friend Jonnie to do the work for us. I chose heritage green rather than varnish it again because it's the colour of the woodwork on the rest of the house, and I'm just loving the way it looks. It really breaks up the expanse of bricks with a different colour. We now have to take the tape off, polish up the brass and put the decorative brass back on the door. Loving it! And I'm sure you're thinking ... okay ... enough of the door ... where's the quilting?? *lol*

Here it is! Joyce asked to see a close up of the quilting on the table runner - and by the way - apologies for the apalling picture yesterday! Lazy girl that I am, I chose not to rummage around for the real camera. This is one long table runner, and this is the middle section I've started quilting on. Please don't critique my quilting too much - remember that I'm just a try-hard, but I do love this peacock feathers pattern, it just always looks so nice. I really do have to get back to quilting on the runner - I hope to have it ready to give back to Maureen on Wednesday.

I have been working away still at the blue and white quilt, and I've made over 200 of the half square triangles. I sat in front of the TV for a while last night cutting them apart and snipping off the little ears. The end of the HST's is in sight and I can start constructing the blocks! Yay!! Amy has gone to the beach house with my parents for this long weekend, so I should have lots of sewing opportunities!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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