Friday, January 15, 2021

First Friday, check!

I tried so hard to get all the things done that were on my list for this past week, and I think it's fair to say that I made it!

The quilt I've been working on for our soon to be arriving Grandbaby is now complete - I finished the binding and washed it to remove all the hand quilting marks.

This was such a fun project, and I loved that I was able to re-use the feature fabric from Amy's baby quilts - it feels very nostalgic. I'm thinking I may make this one up again sometime with some more modern fabrics and put together a pattern for my Etsy store.

Just another fun angle so you can see the quilting a little better and also the adorable 'people quilt' fabric. 

And because the 'people quilt' was out of the hoop, I replaced it with something I haven't worked on in a really long time!

This is the queen size wholecloth I've had on the go for a really long time. I'm pretty sure it has been YEARS since I've spent any time with this top. Just for nostalgia's sake I put a few stitches in it right away, but I will have to leave it be for a little while as I have other things to concentrate on first.

The next thing I needed to check off the endless to-do list was to finish up with Phebe. Even though I'd resolved to finish up the binding etc last year, I hadn't gotten it done. So, I made up the label and the hanging sleeve, got them in place, and finished hand stitching down the binding.

It was about 10.30 on Wednesday evening when I placed the last stitches, and then I gave it a 30 minute ride in the washing machine to remove all the quilting lines. My habit is to lay the quilt out on the lounge room floor on towels so it can dry flat so that was the last thing I did before I headed to bed - pretty much exhausted. When I wandered past on Thursday in the afternoon, it was fun to see the dappled light highlighting the quilting while it was drying:

Today is going to be a busy day - I have an optometrist appt, a coffee date with a cousin, and so much preparation for a birthday celebration. We're having a bunch of friends over for a formal dinner this evening. 

This is the menu:

I started working on the pavlova/meringue component of the dessert last night, but I have a bunch of cooking still to do. I'm really looking forward to it, and if I remember I'll take some pictures as I go along. 

From a quilting perspective, during the next week I have a secret squirrel block to work on, and I need to get some patterns ready for Etsy that I've had requests for. Let's see how far I get!

A big thank you so those of you that stopped by and commented on my recent posts. I wasn't able to respond to some of you due to email addresses not being enabled etc, but thank you for your notes all the same. I'll chatter with you again on Friday next week!

Friday, January 08, 2021

Happy New Year- Welcome 2021!

Happy New Year lovely readers, I hope you were all able to spend New Years Day doing all the things you'd like to continue doing for the rest of 2021. It's a fun little ritual for sure, why not start the year off on a good foot :-)

I had been doing a little thinking on what I'd like to have as a resolution for this year (from a quilting perspective) - there have been some bloggers resolving to make sure they spend at minimum 15 minutes quilting each day. I thought this would be a great one to take on, and got ready preparing a spreadsheet to record my progress ... but then I changed my mind. I realised I do already quilt every day (it's a strange day for me not to) so I'm just adding paperwork ... So, instead my resolution for this year is to do a blog post every Friday so I can share what I've actually been working on!

This week I have been entirely focused on finishing up the quilting on the baby quilt:

The border hasn't been hard to quilt, and it has been fun to mindlessly stitch away while watching/listening to some favourite things on Netflix.

I've rounded the last corner now and have about three quarters of the last short border to go, so I'm about where I wanted to be at this time. I was hoping to have the quilting finished by the end of the week, and if I do really well, maybe I'll get the binding on too.

So, that is my week from a quilting perspective - I hope your week has been good too! :-)


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