Monday, September 15, 2014

Blocky ...

Whoa ... I have blocks all over the place here ... seriously! See my cutting table, there are 341 of them just laying around ...

Twenty to go and I can start putting this baby together. I don't mind confessing that though I love piecing them (and I'm whispering this) I'm kinda sick of the sight of them ...

But I'm not out of love with it yet, and I predict that by the end of this week, most of this top will be put together and I'll be deciding on border treatments. I genuinely haven't even thought about the borders a little - I hope I have something suitable living in my stash!

One decision I have made is the backing fabric ... I kind of like it too:

DH took one look and said "Beige, really? You're a creature of habit hon!". Well, I hate to contradict him ... but I thought this one was utterly different for me ... after all, it may be beige, but it's NOT a reproduction print ... what ever is he thinking?? Of course you know I'm kidding around, but it genuinely isn't a repro print, so that is progress right? :-)

Because my days have been so busy, it is taking me a while to wind down in the evenings. I often read on the iPad and sometimes cruise blogs etc. I found a funny link somewhere about a "Kitchen Reno" and thought I'd share it with you, it's really cute - do read it. And one of the lines in the intro really resonated with me:

"If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we'd be happy with more?" -- Unknown

Something this shoe, clothes and fabric lovin' girl needs to think about next time I'm giving the 'ole credit card a work out!

Chatter soon! xox

Friday, September 05, 2014

Getting sooooo close ...

I sewed like a mad thing today, I really wanted to make up the last of the Shoo Fly blocks for my Omigosh! quilt ...

There you see the little four patch units before I got the last triangles in place. So much chain piecing!

Today I've been using a lot of scraps from my Turning Four-T quilt - I've been rummaging thru all sorts of scraps to find bits and pieces to use. See the fabric in the triangles above? It's a conversational print I picked up some time (I think on one of my USA trips). Usually they're things like chickens, kittens ... other cute critters. But this print, I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Looks like body piercing jewellery to me ... what do you think?? And if that's what it is, why is it on an 1800's reproduction fabric?? Questions ... queries ... posers ...

And here's where I'm at with the blocks now - all the Shoo Fly blocks done - and only 80 nine patch blocks left to make. I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks with some blocks to put together.

See if you can guess what I'll be doing this weekend?? :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Chained to the (sewing) machine ...

I really wish I had some amazing eye candy, or some exciting news to report for you. But the fact is this ... every spare moment I have is spent at the sewing machine right now. Here's what I've put together since Friday:

There are 50 blocks there, and I hope to get another 20 put together by the end of today. And that will mean that all of the shoo-fly blocks are made, I'll just need to concentrate on the nine patch blocks.

In total I've made 261 blocks now, so I have exactly 100 left to make. And then the top to put together, but that's another story. I'm excited at how the quilt is coming together, and it just baffles me that I don't seem to have made much of a dent in my scraps. That tells me that I have way too much fabric ... seriously!

In still quilting related, but not actual quilting news - something that is being cooked up at the moment is my USA trip next year, Linda and I have begun planning in earnest. I'm so looking forward to it, and though I don't have too many details just yet, we are definitely going to be visiting Graceland! Way too exciting!!

Last of all, I had a sweet email from Aunt Bea. I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you directly Bea - your email address isn't enabled - but to answer your question regarding where I purchased the Omigosh! quilt pattern, here is a link: Sue Garman is just delightful, and her patterns are just wonderful. Hope this helps.

Alrighty, I'm heading back to the sewing machine, I'll check in with you all soon I hope! xox

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still Piecing ...

Wow, I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone? I know I've spent time in the sewing room, because my Omigosh! block count is now 140 ...

They're really such fun, and I'm finding so many scraps from quilts past that I'd entirely forgotten about. I still have 221 to make - and once they're done, then will be the fun of putting the top together.

Yesterday I received a fun parcel in the mail from my sweet friend Linda in the USA. I shared with you recently that she's been working on the Omigosh! quilt also, and she managed to finish her top - what an achievement! And what a darling friend, she sent me all the leftovers that she'd cut out. Such a treat! Linda has an amazing stash, and we share a great love of repro fabrics.

I pieced ten blocks today, and I've already started using the fabrics Linda shared with me. I can't wait to put some more together.

And last of all, just a fun quick pic ... I had tossed some quilts on the lounge to refold and was distracted for some reason ... and when I finally came back to them, something small had taken up residence ...

It has been cold here, so I can understand her wanting to find somewhere warm ... but not my favourite quilts kitty ... it's time to move on!

Chatter soon :-)

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Orphan Blocks

I had a busy weekend in the sewing room, and almost unexpectedly, in the kitchen too. But first up, the stitching:

These orphan blocks had been calling me to make something from them for a couple of years. I had downloaded one of the Moda Howard Marcus brochures a while back and made some blocks, but because I had also made the quilt for work just before starting my own blocks, I lost interest fast. So, another small table runner was born:

Though it looks greyish in the picture, the setting triangles are a nice match for the green in the predominantly red fabric. It was one of the lovely fabrics that my sweet friend Donna gave me. I'm sure I already told you the story of the paper bag filled with fabric when I visited with her. I didn't recognise it as mine amongst my luggage and put it with Linda's luggage. I was so confused when it appeared back with my things again, and this happened a couple of times before Donna revealed it was a gift for me :-)

And a little close up of the simple quilting:

I used the same green on the reverse of the project, and then thought afterward that I could have pieced it from my scraps. Oh well, it looks super anyway.

And on my machine right now:

I'm quilting on a beautiful project for a sweet friend of mine. We used to work together, and I miss seeing her every week, she's just adorable. I hope to have this finished in the next couple of days, I hope she likes it.

Now for the kitchen: Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, and when my Mum and I talked about the family dinner, I promised I'd bring the cake. I messaged Dad to find out what his favourite cake is, and does he like pavlova, he responsed with 'I love it!'

Now I've never had any pavlova success before, I've made meringues, and topped lemon meringue pies, but they're small and hard to get wrong - I felt like I better make a practice run before the big day. So I started cruising Pinterest ... (have I mentioned my addiction to Pinterest?) ... and I found this recipe. On Saturday we had a friend for dinner, so I practiced in the afternoon, and came up with this:

Now, I only used the recipe for the meringue, I didn't bother with the same fillings they used. As you see, there are strawberries, whipped cream and raspberry coulis. And ohhh my goodness, it was delicious! There were only four of us at dinner, and we demolished the whole darned thing!

For Dad's big day, there was no way that pavlova was going to be big enough - a 4 egg white recipe. Ultimately, I sized up the recipe to use 10 egg whites, and it was the perfect size. Those of you in touch with me on Facebook will have seen this already, but just for fun, behold Dad's pavlova:

It was huge, and absolutely delicious. That's my Masons Vista charger you see under the pavlova, which is 14" across, and you can barely see it. I also managed to do a better job making the sides neater as I piped the meringue in place first rather than just plopping it in a heap on the tray and hoping for the best. Can you tell I'm thrilled that it worked? With my temperamental oven, I was sure that it would burn, but happy days it's just fine. I can see more of these in our future! xox

Friday, July 25, 2014

A quick table runner ...

Not so long ago I shared that I'd found some log cabin blocks in my sewing room. I'd forgotten all about them, but I knew they needed to become something, and soon! Over the past couple of days, I finally made it happen. Here is the result:

Such a super easy pattern, and really wonderful for scrap busting. I know I have some other blocks I'll give the same treatment soon.

And a dark picture with shadows so you can see how it looked while I was quilting:

Easy in the ditch quilting for the logs (which are half inch finished), a sort of squashy flower in the plain squares, and a half flower in the setting triangles.

And because I'm still enjoying working with scraps (and happy to use scraps that won't work in the Omigosh! project), I raided my 2.5" scrap box to piece the back. Wow, there is some age on some of those pieces there. That yellow check on the right is probably twenty years old. For real!

I know you're all curious about how my talk went with the Gawler Quilters on Monday night. Well, it was really fun, and not at all intimidating. I wasn't nervous at all, right up until I actually stood up, but I don't think any nerves showed at all. I took the ladies through my quilting journey, sharing my first quilt, and a selection of my quilts right up to now. Everyone laughed at all the right moments, and no one fell asleep, so I'm thinking I can call it a success. And the sweet ladies of the group presented me with a lovely pot-plant as a thank you.

Isn't it pretty? I know it will look lovely out on the verandah. And a big hello to the ladies from the Gawler Quilters who are readers of my blog, it was lovely to meet you!

I'm going to do a little more work in the sewing room tonight, and then call it a night. It has a super busy week and I'm really feeling weary. Camo has a bye for tennis tomorrow, so I can even sleep in if I want, what bliss!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Jane

Yesterday was a super fun day at the craft fair. A bunch of us looked after the Guild area with white glove duties, chatting to visitors and sitting around stitching.

My DJ quilt was one of those selected to be on display, and since it hasn't had an airing for a while, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures:

Even though this was made around fifteen years ago, I really still love it. I've learned a lot since then - I really was quite a beginner. I probably wouldn't have taken it on if I knew what I was getting myself into.

That centre block contains the fabric I used in my Omigosh! block on the weekend. And on closer inspection, I see that the block to the right of it has some points seriously cut off! Something I'd never settle for now.

And there is the triangle made with the fabric. I'm pretty sure I would have hand pieced all the triangles you see in the picture - no way I would have had the skill to machine piece them way back then. The triangle is looking a little wonky from the fold running through it. I really must remember to refold my quilts occasionally.

Tonight I have a slightly scary thing to do - but hopefully I'm all organised. I'm giving a talk on my quilting journey to the Gawler Quilters.

I'm starting to think that I may have too many quilts for show and tell ... I hope no-one grows bored. I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oldies and goodies!

Piecing on scrap projects can be such fun. Today I spent a lot of time delving through my scrappage and cutting to add more variety to pieces I'm using in this quilt. At the bottom of one of the tubs, I found such treasures that I'm now piecing with.

The medium brown fabric you see in the HST's and the centre of this block must have been in my stash for 15 years now. It was gifted to me by my sweet friend Linda while we were working on our Dear Jane quilts way back when. I really love it, it's super cute. I know one of my DJ triangles is made from that fabric, and I'm pretty sure I used it to piece a block too. My DJ quilt is at the Sewing, Stitching and Handcraft show this weekend, so I'll check it out while I'm there tomorrow.

And the pink you see in the tiny squares there is from my Farmers Wife quilt, as well as the red in the small square near the top. The red in the small square at left is from the binding of my Mrs Billings project. The green in the little square on the right is from the binding and the zig-zag border from my Nearly Insane quilt.

It's all these fabric memories that help me to love working on scrap quilts. I can't wait to see what future blocks bring :-)


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