Sunday, March 18, 2012

Insert sound of crickets chirping here ...

Oops - I didn't mean to be away for so long, I don't really have a very good excuse - only that I've been on the 'down low' with sinus trouble, ohhh, and a lack of very much interesting to share ... But I'm here now - still not much to share, but there ya go :-)

I'm still working on the hexagons for 'block three' of Mrs Billings coverlet - I really hope I'll have enough done soon to be shareworthy - they're really cute, and I'm loving the ones that I've fussy cut. If I have a chance tomorrow, I'll applique some to the background so I can love them some more :-)

The other thing I did this week was quilt a small charity project for the guild. This is it:

I don't actually know who pieced it, but isn't it cute? I finished binding it today while watching the F1GP. (And a big thank you to Lizzy for her part in the binding too!) And regarding the F1, love that there's two Aussies in it this year!

And here's something I forgot to share from my travels to the USA:

To add to my collection of Masons Vista, I had the two handled soup bowls delivered to Linda's house so I could bring them home with me, they're so cute, and terribly expensive and hard to find here.

I wasn't sure they'd make it home unscathed - I had to put my carry on bag into valet baggage on one of my short hops - and while I was waiting to pick the bag up at the side of the aircraft, I saw the bag somersault off the end of the little conveyor onto the tarmac. OMG, I swear my heart just stopped! I didn't have an opportunity to unwrap anything to make sure it was okay, so you can imagine my relief when I got home and found that nothing had been damaged - phew!

Well, that's it from me - I need to do some reading with Camo, and then I have some emails to return. Chatter soon! xox


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara. Good to see you're finally back in blogland. M.

Missy Shay said...

I understand, I had to carry my uncle's china set home on a greyhound bus once, it was only 6 hrs, but my heart stopped everytime I hit a bump, especially since I had to wrap up a few plates with my laptop which I carried on and off the bus with me.

Vivian said...

Some lucky little person is going to love that quilt.

So glad to read that there was no breakage or damage on the long trip home. Your story & photo reminded me of something to share. I brought home some wonderful older Australian P&Q magazines from an exchange with friends early this month. I spotted a familiar name and face in the Vol 14 No 1 issue (Feb. 2006). The first photo was of some of your blue & white china (Blue Willow pattern?), posed beautifully on a blue & white quilt. I always enjoy reading about fellow quilters. (I also have a daughter named Amy.)

quilt happy said...

that china is beautiful

Linda said...

Gorgeous Dishes! Lovely-lovely collection! Thinking of you today.


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