Friday, March 02, 2012

FWS - Blocks 47, 66 & 77

Last night was so much fun - I had been invited to demonstrate Farmers Wife blocks by machine at the SA Quilters Guild. I always enjoy guild meetings so much, and last night was no exception. A big Hello to all the ladies who introduced themselves as blog readers, it's always such fun to know I'm reaching out to new friends :-)

I had prepared three blocks to work on, but with all the chatter and whatnot, I only got one put together, and this is it:

Block 77 - Seasons

So this morning I set to putting the other two blocks together - after all, they were ready to go. These are the two blocks:

Block 47 - Homemaker

Block 66 - Periwinkle

Block 47 was lots of fun to put together - the set in seams made it challenging, but it was entirely worthwhile as it looks so pretty.

The guild is hosting a Farmers Wife Sew-In later this month (they're changing blog things around at the moment) so as soon as I can, I'll provide a link to the details. It would be so much fun to see you there!


Sheila said...

didn't get there last night, May make it to the next session.... with a finished FWQS top, :-)

Sheila said...

PS your blocks look great BTW, love the homemaker block especially

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Beautiful blocks! The colors just pop!

Have a great day!


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