Saturday, March 03, 2012

Plans for the weekend

For a little while now, I've been thinking I should start sashing my FWS blocks together - just like I did when I put my NI quilt together - and that way it wouldn't be such a big ordeal at the end.

I had already made the block for the first corner, but had nothing put together for the next row of three blocks. Since I've been on such a roll with my blocks this week, I thought I'd put one from that row together last night:

Block 81 - Snowball

Before I started putting the FWS blocks together, I was thinking about making the Civil War Love Letters project - a friend of mine was making it, and I was enamoured with her blocks. It soon became clear that it wasn't really a project I could make with just my four fabrics (given the abundance of flags and photos), so I switched projects.

So now I have these two test blocks - I don't have a need for them - would anyone like them? I'm happy to send them to anyone who can use them ... maybe they'll fit right in with something you're working on already?

And this weekend, I have a little project:

Here is the state of my cutting table right now. How can I work with all this mess around me? It stresses me, and I can't work properly. I'm hoping to have this area in a much better state by the end of the weekend.

And this is my sewing station - not too bad, but it could really use some tidying up too. You can see that after I finished working on my FWS block last night I moved on to the next border of the Mrs Billings Coverlet project. I'm finding it really difficult having two projects that I'm equally in love with. They're both fighting for my attention!

Well, that's it for now - let's see how far I get with the tidy up. Chatter soon xox


Pip said...

I'm finding that it is better to sash the rows as I go. I find that I need to keep a relatively tidy sewing area as well otherwise I get a bit stressed and don't seem to accomplish much.

Nancy said...

My cutting table looks very similar to yours. I need to clear it off to even square a block. It is over-due for a cleaning.

Love your blocks!

Sheila said...

My room isn't too bad, but after finishing the FW today i can see i need to vacuum the floors, there were bits of thread hanging all over it. do you think you will get back to the civil War love letter's , They are lovely blocks, I wonder how many different fabrics would be in it.

mereth said...

Yep, I'm cleaning my cutting table and tidying up as well. I don't like piles of stuff on my work surfaces, so I'm going to get it all cleared off and then pull out some more fabric to cut...

AnnieO said...

That was a clever way to make the quilt top finishing easier at the end--knowing where the blocks are being set sure helps!

My cutting table looks equally bad--even worse--just now. I've been cutting for three different projects!


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