Saturday, September 02, 2006


Amy's netball team had a big win this morning, and they're thru to the Grand Final next weekend! We're all so thrilled for them, they worked so hard for it! Keep your fingers crossed for them for next weekend.

We're heading off to do some shopping now, it's Father's day tomorrow, so we're going to get some treats. Where would we be without our Dad's ... ummm well, probably not here ... but you know what I mean :-)


quiltpixie said...

congrats to Amy., and happy shopping :-)

Susan said...

Congratulations to Amy and her teammates! Hope you found something wonderful for the fathers in your life.

Screen Door said...

Good for Amy and team. Have fun shopping. Does Dad like Quilt fabric?


Dawn said...

Oh that is so exciting! Go Amy and her team! I love Screen Doors idea of Quilt Fabric for the dads!

Shelina said...

Congratulations to Amy and her team! Is netball the same as volleyball?
Happy Father's Day to you and your family. We celebrate that in June. I hadn't thought about other countries celebrating it also, but am glad that they do.


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