Sunday, September 10, 2006

Treats and more treats!

Thank you to everyone for your lovely words about Amy's win yesterday. She's feeling very proud of herself and her team. I learned after the game that most of the girls went into the game thinking they were going to lose yesterday, but they kept on trying and did their very best. I'm so pleased that their coach is one of these people that has encouraged them to keep trying and not to give up. She's the kind of coach that teaches them that winning isn't everything, but to try hard so you can feel great about the effort you've put in. The girls are having an end of season dinner on Thursday night, so if I get the chance, I might make the coach a little treat. We've all put in to purchase a present for her, and I really think she deserves it.

Last night I finished up the last stitches in the scarf for Grandpa's wife. I'm so glad that I haven't shared this blog address with any of my family, or my Christmas Gift list would be no secret to anyone! This scarf has ended up 50" long, and 6" wide. The yarn knits up so nicely. It's a shame they were the only balls I could find of this colour, I'd love to have one for me. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some more.

I'm also really glad I knit this one first, as I cast on the stitches for the scarf for my MIL last night, and the other yarn is VERY hard to work with. I hope I don't give up before I finish it. It's very loopy, and the loops don't pull through the stitches very well. I don't know how anyone would go making a whole sweater with it, you'd end up with very sore hands!

The final picture today is of a parcel of treats I received on Friday from my wonderful friend Linda from the US. Thank you so much Linda! I will mail you in a moment! She has sent me two of my favourite magazines. I always love the Vintage Quilts magazines, and the Fons and Porter magazines are great too!

Linda went to the UK last month, and was lucky enough to visit the Jane Austen museum, and the book on top there is a little souvenir for me! And inside is a postcard of Mr Darcy! It's a copy of a painted picture, and it's a wonderful likeness of the gorgeous Colin Firth. I wonder if hubby would be understanding if I had it framed??

The lovely piece of border fabric you see there is a Paducah purchase by the 5 girls I went to Paducah with. They fell in love with a quilt hanging up in Hancocks, and together purchased a whole bolt of the border fabric. I decided not to, as I was starting to worry about exceeding my luggage allowance. Well, it seems the girls are sharing the gorgeous fabric with me! Thank you so much to Linda, Gerri, Donna, Karen and Liz! *hugs* for all of you! I had the best time in Paducah with these girls, it's something I'm going to remember forever!


JudyL said...

You were smart to not share the blog address. I keep wishing my mom didn't have mine. There are things I almost post and then don't because I know she will read them.

Love the gift from the U.S., especially that border fabric!

Judy L.

quiltpixie said...

way to go on getting ahead of Christmas now.

May Britt said...

Only 3 1/2 month to christmas !!! I have to start asap making all the things I intend to do. I know what is not finished des 1st, will probably not get ready in time. I am always so busy in the first time of desember.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great job in finishing a Christmas gift! With difficult yarns I tend to knit much looser, even if that means switching to a smaller needle. Nice presents in the mail!



Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Great score in the post. I love Pride and Prej too - oh Mr Darcy! I think you should frame him to hang in the sewing room. I subscribe to Fons and Porter from the States which makes it quite reasonable.

Screen Door said...

You've been busy with the scarf. Don't you love getting presents in the mail. Sounds like your friend knows you well. The fabric is beautiful..
Be sweet--

Patti said...

Pride and Prejudice - one of my favorite books - and favorite movies also - all three versions!

Mary said...

Isn't knitting fun? I like that I can grab some yarn and carry a project with me without any prep work that quilting requires. I finished a scarf for myself a couple weeks ago and am now working on a hat and scarf for my Mom. She liked the chenille yarn we bought but I think it's going to be too bulky. I'll finish the scarf up but I think I'll make her another set too.

Donna Dale said...

Linda and Karen and I are here in Folsom,CA checking out your blog!! Just back from the quilt store...had to make up for your fabric diet :-) Off to cut fabric for the Jo Morton class tomorrow. Thinking of you.


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