Saturday, September 16, 2006

Amy's at the beach

This weekend Amy has gone to my parent's beach house. The picture at left is the beach behind the house, I guess Dad is cleaning the fish after a day out in the boat. The birds always hover for obvious reasons.

It's the first weekend in about 5 months that Amy has been able to go, as her Saturday netball commitments have kept her busy. She's on a break from her club team between seasons, but her school netball team is in the middle of their season. Her school team won last night after being down 8-2 at the end of the first quarter. I think the score at the end was 18-16 or something like that. They did well to come back. Dad collected her after the game, and off they went.

A number of people have asked about what netball is, and I keep forgetting to talk a little about it. It's more like basketball than anything else. We saw a kids news article about it last night, and it said that netball was invented in the USA, and originally called 'womens basketball', but obviously it really didn't stick in the States. I understand it's mostly played in Commomwealth countries. In netball, you shoot goals just like in basketball, but there is no backboard on the ring, and you're not allowed to run with the ball. You may take one step when you have the ball, and that's it. I have provided a link to netball from Wikipedia, they have excellent information on the sport. We also saw on the program that it's the highest participation sport in all of Australia!

I'm heading to the quilt store shortly. Cheryl called me yesterday and told me that the information for Thimbleberries Club for next year has come in, and she's loving it! I'd love to go have a looky ... and maybe indulge in some retail therapy ...

Have a great weekend ... x o x


jpquilter said...

how fun to think it is still friday here while it is saturday where you are - hope the trip to the quilt shop was inspirational

Screen Door said...

Have fun shopping - let us know about Thimbleberries Club

joyce said...

THe best thing about Netball is the cute skirts they wear. I got several at op shops last time I was in Australia for my granddaugters.

Dawn said...

Really? And here I was picturing Netball as Volleyball! Guess I was way off!

Shelina said...

Wow that is a great picture of the birds. That color scheme would make a great quilt!


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