Friday, March 09, 2007

Table Runner

I don't have anything especially interesting to show you today that I've been working on myself - I'm still plugging away at the half square triangles. All the machine applique is done now, I just have to get through all the cutting and sewing for the other pieces now. I'm sure I'll have some interesting show and tell with all of that soon.

Instead, I am sharing a picture of a Table Runner made by Maureen, a lovely lady from classes at the quilt store. She asked if I would quilt it for her, as she's not terribly confident with machine quilting yet. I'm using the freemotion peacock feathers - it's my favourite, and always a good one to fall back on when I'm not sure what else to do. The runner was made up with two of those cute charm packs from Moda. I don't remember the collection name, but how fun it is to use those precut squares. The girls in the Wed afternoon class are mad for these runners right now, they're fun to make and are the very best gifts.

This morning we picked up the new car - Marty got me to drive it home from the dealership - he said I should get used to it seeing it was my car. It was a white knuckled ride, I was so tense by the time we got home. It's a little quieter than my old car, and I was so worried about speeding or having an accident on my first trip. Luckily (touch wood) it was entirely uneventful, and I'm just loving the car already.

I must also send out an apology - I have been really slow catching up with everyone's blogs lately - I promise I'll catch up on you all really soon. Well, that's it from me this afternoon - I'm heading back into the sewing room now. Have a great day!

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Joyce said...

I'd love to see a close-up of your peacock feather quilting. Nice to have a new car but it is tense driving at first, for sure.


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