Monday, March 05, 2007

New Car

Here is my new car, we still haven't picked it up yet, probably Thursday or Friday I think. I'm really looking forward to it now, but I know I'll have trouble saying goodbye to my old car. This is a dealer picture, but let's face it, I probably couldn't take one much better :-)

It's a Nissan Maxima - my old car is a Maxima too, just a few years older. I noticed that my old Maxima was called an Infinity in the US, and the cars I saw called Maxima while I was in the US we don't have here in Australia at all!

I'm still sewing away. I've fused all 32 flowers, and I'm doing machine blanket stitch around the edges. I can only do that for so long before my mind wanders, so I'm also making up half square triangles for the quilt at the same time. I have 384 2" finished HST's to make, so I'm going to be at it for a while. I'll share a picture soon I promise, there's just not much interesting to look at just yet!

We had my Puppa's 80th birthday to go to yesterday. It was just so nice meeting up with relatives we hadn't seen in a while. Also when Puppa gave a speech after cake time, he shed a few tears. It really tugged at the 'ole heartstrings. Puppa is a real old fashioned guy who doesn't share too much emotion, and when he talked about Nanna, you could see how much love he feels in his heart. Just lovely stuff.

Have a great day everyone!


Screen Door said...

She's a beauty-- don't you wish they could bottle that new car smell?

KCQuilter said...

Oooh, love your new car! And the 80th b-day party sounds wonderful.

Shelina said...

Congratulations on your new car! That's always a special occasion in and of itself. I had an Altima which was like a member of the family.
Sounds like you are busy with quilting. Sounds like a lot of happy work.
Glad you could get together and meet up with family members. We don't meet up with extended family members for birthdays, although I wish we would. Weddings and funerals are the norm for us.

Ms. Jan said...

Pretty car--always so fun to enjoy that new car smell! Congrats on your Puppa's 80th. You are so lucky to have him!

Mary said...

Nice car - I was just thinking today how nice it was to sell mine and to walk everywhere here in Minneapolis. I drove somewhere for the first time today and I moved here on the 21st of December. I have tagged along with Keith to run errands on the weekend but it's amazing that I haven't needed (or wanted) to drive anywhere myself for so long.

Pam said...

Nice looking car. I guess because the cars are made differently they can call them different thing.

Happy birthday to your Puppa - 80, that's a milestone.

Dawn said...

Oh how fun - a new car! Boy I've been dying to go car shopping too, but we are running my van into the ground and I think it still has more miles on it! Enjoy it when you get it!


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