Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Socks done ... Mitts begun

Go me! I finished the second sock this morning. I lurrrrve the colours in this yarn. I can't wait to wear them - I'm even feeling quite pleased that they're almost identical. I DO need to practice the kitchener stitch, my finishing is not great, but all in good time right?

Each sock takes one 50g ball of Patonyle yarn, and there is a reasonable amount left over from each ball, so I was doing a little web-crawling and found this pattern for Sock Wool Mitts ... well that's not what they're called, but play along with me :-) ... and my thoughts were that they'd be ideal for using up the remains of the sock wool.

I figure I'll probably make the wrist part a little shorter, just enough to tuck under a sweater while I'm out watching winter season netball or something. Anyways, just thought I'd share ... maybe it's just what you need for those sock leftovers?

It has been a very eventful couple of days. Yesterday afternoon my Sister-In-Law gave birth to a baby girl. She's the most darling tiny bundle, and is named Sophia Anna. Amy is so excited to at last have a little girl cousin. Sophia's big brother (at 15 months old) is Amy and Cam's only other cousin. We've given the new arrival some cute little gifties, but soon I'll get busy putting together a quilt for her.

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, last night Holly slipped out the front door while a parcel was being delivered. I didn't even notice her dash out. Soon afterward we realised she was missing, and we couldn't find her for three hours! We were getting really worried as we live quite close to a busy road, and she's been an indoor cat entirely, so she has no road sense. Martin eventually found her hiding down the drain at the side of the road out the front, which was such a relief. I know I wouldn't have slept a wink had we not found her.

I don't think I'll do any more knitting tonight, I feel like doing some tidying in the sewing room, and while I have that inspiration, I really should go with it!


ruth said...

So glad you found Holly! The socks look great and the wool mits are a good idea. I've also seen holders for take away coffee cups made out of left over sock yarn. I'll send you the link if you're interested.

Lois R. said...

The socks look fantastic! Way to go!

Congrats on the new niece. Ah the joy of a baby niece!

Oh, I'm soooo glad you found Holly! I would have been beside myself with anxiety if one of my fluffies got out for any length of time.

Dawn said...

Oh it has been so long since I've seen a little tiny baby! How exciting! And I'm so glad you found Holly, she was probably just as scared!

Holly said...

The socks look awesome. I tried knitting and I'm no good at it although I wish I were. Not even practice will help so I truly admire people who do such lovely knitting.
Congratulations on your niece :)

Tonya R said...

ooh, terrifying. so glad holly is home safe and sound.

Sandra said...

Great socks! Thanks for the wristwarmer pattern too - great idea to knit for all the nieces and nephews (as well as me and the kids of course LOL).

Linda F said...

Hi Tazzie- congradulations on being a new aunt- you are lucky! Baby quilt or big girl quilt? Thank goodness you found Holly- poor cutie- my vote would be to machine quilt the applique quilt- you do nice work.
Linda F.

teodo said...

Velcome Sophia Anna! and a kiss to Amy.

I'm happy you have found Holly.

Your socks are great. It so difficult for me to do socks!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao ciao

KCQuilter said...

Great job on the socks, Auntie Tazzie! And so-o-o glad you found Holly safe and sound. Pets are such a worry sometimes.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Your socks look great. Good job! My DD loves her "sock wool mitts." She uses them when she writes stories on her lap top in the winter time.

gwen said...

Great socks, I love the colours and thanks a lot for the great link to the mittens. I will sure try some of these for next winter.
Take care.


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