Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Book!

It's looking like Book Week here! Recently I mentioned that I was disappointed not to have purchased the Civil War Diary Quilt while I was in the US. I thought I should do something about it, and purchased a copy on ebay ... and today it arrived!

I love looking at the darling little blocks, and I've so enjoyed seeing the blocks others have showed us on their blogs, but I'm going to force myself to wait before starting any.

My resolve is to quilt two projects, and finish piecing at least two projects before I start any blocks. Let's see if I can do it!!


Susan said...

You can do it! And you'll probably do it even faster if you have this project waiting for you.

Screen Door said...

I've never the seen the book. Everyone mentions it. I need to get to a book store and look at it. It's really tough to not keep beginning new projects. It's tough for me because I don't get that much time to sew. Hang in there.

Hanne said...

I have that book and the EQ5 CD too :-)
Take a look at Marcie's blog - she has made several of the blocks, and they look very good. June 26.

I have to finish 3 things from my list before starting anything new.
It is hard - as my friend Solvi lent me some Australian booklets with stitchery and patchwork :-)
Both from Hatched and Patched and from Bronwyn Hayes.
Oh - I am so easily lead into temptations ;-))
I think I will do a Nearly Insane block in red and white before working more on my 3 projects.

Dawn said...

I had been wanting it also and just never bought it. And can you believe it, I just bought it online this morning before I read your post! So soon I'll have mine also!

joyce said...

Be strong! You can do it.

Linda_J said...

I keep hearing about this one too--but don't know that I will be tempted......yet, LOL.

Stick to your guns and know that it will be waiting for you. But if you get stalled out creatively, go for it. Oh yeah, I am a real big help!

Bonnie said...

This is one of my favorite books. I love to pick it up and read the diary entries. My friend Moe (Maureen) is friends with the author, and it is my understanding that the author is working on another book. Making blocks from the book is on my wish list.

Marcie said...

Many of the blocks in the CWDQ are quite different and time consuming. But in the end, very rewarding. I never did the Dear Jane, as you did, so expect you won't have any problem. I like that the pictured blocks are the finished size. I can't work on mine for a while either, but will be happy to return to it. Have fun!

Finn said...

Hey Taz, super that you found a copy to buy!! I got mine back a couple of weeks ago, and have been pulling things that might work from my stash.
I'm definitely NOT going to buy and collection or grouping of the quilt fabrics offered specifically for this quilt. I'm sure mine will probably be a tat brighter than most...but hopefully will have a similar feel.
I've been digging in my quilt books, looking at quilts made in the 1850's up through the 1880's. I figure they would have scrap from before the war began(1861) and probably some Civil War fabrics would still be appears for several years afterward.

After all, I am working with authentic 1920's and 30's fabrics, and that's from 70+ to 80 years ago..*VBS*
Hope you will have fun with yours too!


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