Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ducking and Weaving!

If you’re reading this message, it means I’ve ducked and weaved sufficiently to fool Blogger! I was laying in bed last night unable to nod off for some reason, and suddenly it hit me … why don’t I type up my post in Word, then cut and paste it into Blogger?!? At least that way if I do lose all of my post, I can just cut and paste again until I get tired of it! I wonder if the hyperlink function will work in here too? I’ll just have to put any pictures in afterwards I’m thinking … *tapping forehead* Up here for thinking eh?? 

Now I can get onto some of the comments that I’ve been itching to get to for days.

Many of you mentioned that I’m not the only one in Jammies beyond breakfast time … thank heavens! Finn also said maybe I need to make a ‘Jammies Zone Ahead’ sign up … perhaps that’s a project to make with Tonya’s letters? It would be the perfect thing … breaking free in more way than one

Amy thanks you all for your kind words about her quilting, she’s so modest about it all, it’s really quite sweet. Actually, she doesn’t really understand why I want to share her quilts this way, but I can’t help but be the proud Mummy! I've attached a picture of the tiny people. It was taken on Saturday when Hubby and my Dad took them to the Railway Museum here. They had such a good time. Cameron was so excited, because he was able to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine!

Cathi suggested I should bring ‘Dear Tazzie’ over to the Emerald Isle … well, sure! I’ll be over there in a heartbeat! Apparently some of my heritage is Irish, so it’d be like coming home right? I’ll share some pictures of my DJ sometime too Cathi … Some of the Dear Tazzie girls have been working on DJ quilts, so I started working on a second one … OMG what was I thinking?? This time I’m making it in 30’s prints, and I’m not making the triangles, but setting the blocks on point, with setting squares inbetween to do some fancy quilting in. Hmmm … so many quilts, so little time!

Ohh, and Melanie asked what the binding was for … it’s for the quilt that's going into the magazine. It just kills me that I can't share it right now. I really want to, because it's coming out so cute. Last night I completed stitching down the binding on the back, and I selected a whole pile of buttons to put on the quilt. It has these swag kind of things on it, and where the swags intersect, I’m putting a little cluster of buttons. It should look really cute I hope.

Whew! This post seems to have worked so far, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Hope you're all having a great day!


quiltpixie said...

glad you figured out how to fool blogger... don't know why it misbehaves at times, but I feel even less compentant than I do as a parent when my child misbehaves :)

Love the heart button I can see clearly in your pile...

joyce said...

I'm reading your post so it worked. I am getting really curious about that quilt now. Can't wait to see it.

Marcie said...

A good thing about writing in Word is that it has spell-check! It seems to me that if I save a draft of my entry and then publish it, it all goes faster.

Screen Door said...

I can't wait to see your quilt. You'll be ....a celebrity!!!! I always type my posts in Word. My son taught me that. He
says it is a much more stable environment. If you get a phone call or something your work is safe, without accidently posting something you haven't proofed.

Hanne said...

Hello Tazzie :-)
I have found Internet Explorer works better than Opera in blogland. With IE I have spell check on Blogger, with Opera I have not - go figure.
When Blogger acts up I have also found that if I save a post as draft first it does not get lost.
For those of us who have put in our mailaddress in the Blogger settings it also is the possibility of answering a comment directly to sender - which I find very neat sometimes.
My memory is to short to do what you do - answering quiestions in your blogs - can it be age ?? :-P
Please share photos of your Dear Tazzie quilt - oh I love DJ, every day, always :-)
Now it is 7 am in my part of the woods. Time to get dressed and take my quilt subscription :-)

Tonya R said...

Glad to hear you've got your second project already picked out!! Jammies ahead zone indeed. It already looks like a fun and marvelous quilt.

Shelina said...

Hi Tazzie, I found you from a comment you made on somebody else's blog, and thought I'd come for a visit. So happy to meet you. You are a published quilter too? It is great to meet movers and shakers in the industry. How do you go about getting a quilt published? I thought you would make it, then submit it to the magazine to see if they wanted to print it, but it looks like you have submitted yours before you finished making it?

Laurie Ann said...

Can't wait to see it!!


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