Sunday, July 23, 2006

Favourite and Least Favourite

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about my DJ.

It’s amazing how many people there are around the world that are working on the quilt, or have made it. I wonder if Jane Stickle had any idea how much activity her quilt would generate in the future. I bet she would have been amazed.

Since I mentioned them yesterday, and many people were interested, I have attached pictures of my favourite and least favourite blocks. The darker of the two is M3 – Fireweed Flower. It’s my favourite of all. I’m not sure why I love it above all others, but it edges it’s way into first place. I hand pieced it, and made one for Linda too. The lighter of the two is L10 – Nan’s Naiad. I don’t really care for it too much. It’s one of those blocks that no matter which way you look at it, it just doesn’t want to go together nicely.

Ohh, and if you noticed, yes, the two blocks have different backgrounds. I have used all different backgrounds for my quilt. I just love that scrappy look. For my new DJ though, I am using one background throughout.

I meant to answer a question from Forest Jane the other day. She asked whether I had to sign a contract with the magazine. Yes, when I had my first quilt published, I had to sign a document which encompasses any quilts they would publish for me in the future. I have to say though, this has been my experience, and I don’t necessarily know that all magazines and those in other countries work in the same way.

Also, someone named ‘anonymous’ asked what the abbreviations often used in blogs are. Well, I use *lol* a lot, and that means ‘laughing out loud’. I’m sure there are lots of others, but I can’t think of any right now, there must be a website that lists lots of them, can any of my fellow bloggers help me out?


ForestJane said...

Yup, us librarians can find anything. Here's a good link for internet chat slang:

Not sure how the link will come out in comments though!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I like your favorite block too. Your entire quilt is really lovely!!! I have the book and am contemplating starting... one thing I have noticed - alot of people who make this quilt make it in a country where fabrics are very expensive or hard to get. That is why I am thinking of DJ - for Austria in the winter - make my fabric and project last as long as possible and savour it - if that makes any sense!

VBG - very big grin, DH - dear husband (also DS, DD, etc. for son, daughter, etc., DMS - domestic sewing machine, HST - half square triangles AND, let's not forget DJ - Dear Jane! Hope that helps! I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones I run across alot.



Shelina said...

Tazzie, I haven't made either of those blocks yet, but I can see why you like the fireweed flower so much. It is beautiful, even though I'm not up to the skill level to make it yet.

Passionate Quilter said...

great job on those blocks--i haven't made it that far. I try not to look ahead and just do them as they come. Or I would do all the easy ones and then never get around to the hard ones! thanks for sharing!


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