Monday, July 17, 2006

Growler's long lost Sister!

I was visiting with Tonya at her blog yesterday, and was so surprised to see a picture of Growler. He looks just like our ill tempered beastie called Madaline. Amy was only about 5 when we got her, and had the task of naming her. Madeline from the books was her favourite thing at the time, so kitty was named in her honour. Our Madaline is spelled differently, because on an outing to the vet, hubby had no idea how to spell it, and guessed, and it kind of stuck! Her name does not suit her, because she certainly cannot speak french *grin* she is very ill tempered (probably as a result of being poked and prodded by two curious children) and she spends most of her time finding places to sleep. Because she's so ill tempered ... I call her 'Wilderpuss'. She clearly shares some DNA with Growler!

Blogger is not playing nice again today, I wonder if the powers that be have played with it somehow? Whenever I save, I lose everything I've done, but I manage to recover the kitty bit?? Let's hope I can get thru some more!

Melanie and Hanne asked whether or not I have a long arm quilting machine. I don't have one, but if hubby is reading, I sure could use one! I use my Bernina, which is the same model that Bonnie from Quiltville has, a 1080. I recently thought about upgrading to one with a stitch regulator, but I felt like I'd be betraying my Bernie. It's a sign something is wrong when you think your appliances have feelings!

Melanie also wondered if I'd been wearing something slinky yesterday while I was doing the binding?? Well, umm, it was pale blue ... lovely big yellow and white flowers, and ohh yes ... flannel! Ohhh, I think we all knew that was coming ... after all, it's winter here right?? *lol*

Ohhhh ... I just lost the rest of my post again, I'm getting a little frustrated, so I think I'll come back again and finish up later :-)


quiltpixie said...

hope hte blogger genies find the rest of your post so you don't have to retype....

Tonya R said...

What is it about black cats that they end up looking so similar? Now in Howler's defense, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's just a scaredy cat and a little bit feral.

You're having the problems with blogger when you hit "save as draft"? Aiyee. That usually works like a charm and I usually do that several times during a post. That stinking "recover post" button is a nightmare tho - I lose bunches whenever I try to use that.

Sandra said...

Hi Tazzie! I found your blog from a comment you made elsewhere. I love your fabrics and quilts. Congratulations on having one of them in a mag - I bookmarked to do that one when I first saw it :-)

Screen Door said...

You are toooooo funny!. But I know how you feel, I get sentimentally attached to furniture, wallpaper, just about everything. If it's not broke, I have a tough time upgrading....even on good things. I'm off to work...Pray for a break in our heatwave.

Karen said...

Darling cat picture! My black cat is a bit feral, too, Tonya. He's very affectionate on his own terms but won't let me pick him up or even touch him with two hands. And I'm his best friend lol.

Mama Koch said...

I also have a Bernia 1080 and LOVE her! She never fails me and purrs along no matter what I sew.


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