Saturday, July 08, 2006


Thank you so much to everyone who left comments and kind messages for me yesterday! It's so nice to know that people are stopping by! Some of you had questions, so it's answer time ...

For Linda J - This was the second time I've been to the States. The first time I was at the wrong time of year to visit Paducah, but was in time to go to PIQF, which I thought was great too, but in a different way. It's amazing how quilt fever seems to grip the whole town in Paducah.

For Bonnie - We do have shows, but they're more like the PIQF type of thing. It's all in one place, an area for the vendors, and an area for the quilts. I'm in Adelaide, which is one of the smallest cities here, and we have a small show (we still love it) but there are nothing like the amount of quilts entered, and we have much fewer vendors. We hold ours at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds in September or November generally.

So you can see, the quilt show (or I guess you could call it a festival) was a huge thrill for me. And to visit the back room at Hancocks, well, that was amazing! I think they had more fabric in that store than I have ever seen before!

Anyways, I thought I'd share with you what I was doing yesterday afternoon. Linda and I made the Sisters Choice quilt, and when we'd finished that, we started on another scrap quilt together. This time we're making the Zig Zag Nine Patch, once again from Bonnie's website. We've been at it for a number of months now, and I think we should each have maybe 130 or more blocks.

I wasn't sure what I felt like working on, so out came the box with the 2" scraps, and I started putting some nine patches together. I think I got 24 done. I'll do some more later today after I've done some chores. Can you see some of the oldies and uglies in that scrap box?? I can't imagine how some of those fabrics got into my stash. I know I didn't buy that one with the hearts, I think it must have been given to me! The one with the light and dark blue stripes was a bargain for a backing a million years ago ... I think I know why it may have been a bargain! Some of the blocks I've made for this project even have pieces of fabric from the first quilt I ever made, which was featured in a post last week. I can't imagine why I still have any of that fabric laying around. Anyways, the blocks are coming along nicely, and everyone knows I love to get thru the scraps!


ForestJane said...

Looking good!

Are you hand piecing all those? Sounds like it'll be a real history quilt if you are using fabric you've been hanging onto for a while!

quiltpixie said...

The scraps are looking good. Its amazing how many memories can be brought back with a 2"square huh?

Bonnie said...

Even the ugliest of fabrics look good in a scrap quilt. And yes, the memories each fabric brings is fun to recall.

Tazzie said...

Hiya Forest Jane, thank you for your lovely comment. I'm machining the nine patches. It would be fun to hand piece them, but ohhhh it would take me a long time.

Finn said...

Hi Tazzie, tried to post this morning but blogger wasn't having it..and in the end I just gave up..but here I am again!

Wanted to tell you how nice the table runners in the post below are..I love that even the binding is the scraps you are working to use..I love scrappy!


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