Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekends/First Quilt

My tiny people have had so many social engagements this weekend that it's been hard to get much done in the way of quilting. Amy has watched the Thunderbirds play netball, she has played two games herself, and today has a play date. Cameron has done not nearly as much, but has a little birthday party to go to which I'm yet to shop for. Couple that with keeping house, and I find that in the evenings when I have some 'me' time, I don't have much brain power left!

I do love this time with the kids though, I know I need to cherish every moment, because all too soon I'll be looking back wondering where time went.

Soooo ... today I thought I'd share something kind of scary ... MY FIRST QUILT!! It's called 'Square in the Middle' and it was in a patchworking and quilting tear out in a mega-old Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I made this quilt in 1992 (I made the pillows a short time later). I must have been around 22, so I was just married. As I recall, the patchwork and quilting section in the fabric store I visited was a tiny area in a corner, and we just didn't have the fabric selection we do today. Clearly regardless of limited choice, I was not at all adventurous with my selection.

The piecing is not too bad for a first attempt with not too many points chopped off. But the quilting ... ohh, it's appalling! I did it on the machine, and the old clunker I had at the time had nothing like a walking foot - puckers galore! With little experience however, I was entirely thrilled with the end result, and isn't that the best thing?

For a long time it was on Amy's bed until the colour scheme in her room was changed. Now it serves time as a mattress protector on beds. I have often thought I may resurrect it and re-quilt it, but maybe it is better left as it is, a measure of how far I've come?


joyce said...

You are certainly right to enjoy the times when the kids are small. Time flies altogether too fast and before you know it your grandchildren are growing up! I think first quilts should be left as they are as a reminder. It's encouraging to see how much you improve with each quilt.

Shelina said...

This is a beautiful quilt. Unless you told me, I wouldn't have known it was your first quilt. Don't requilt it, you have too many new things to make! And don't use it as a mattress protector - use it proudly.


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