Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Plaster Fun House

We’re in the last week of the mid year school holidays right now, so my friend Jane and I took the kids to the Plaster Fun House. With my kids, Jane’s kids, and her SIL’s kids, we had a total of six kids. It has the potential to be chaotic, but it was actually super fun. The kids were having such a nice time painting their plaster moulds, that Jane and I decided we’d join in!

Lucky I have a camera in my phone, so I took a couple of happy snaps of the kids with their works in progress.

Amy is working on a letter ‘A’, and Cameron has a racing car, and a letter ‘C’. Cameron got 2 items from the ‘slightly irregular’ shelf, as we weren’t too sure how he’d go with his painting, but we knew he’d have lots of fun with them! Amy painted her letter very carefully in two shades of purple.

I worked on a letter ‘T’, and Jane made up a little bear sitting on a pile of cookies! I’ve taken a picture of our items when we got home on the kitchen bench for you to see. We had a fun day, I’d recommend it to anyone!


Screen Door said...

Looks like you had fun. I'm glad you brought the camera for 'Kodak moments!!" I always forget mine. I've got to get better at it.... Kids won't remember how many floors you've cleaned, but they'll always remember afternoons you spent with them.
Be good--

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well - I see they have smocks on - always a good thing when it comes to kids and paints and clothes! Little Boy and I are going to paint today - but we don't have any neat plaster shapes - might have to check into that. Glad that everyone had fun!



joyce said...

WHat sort of paint did they use? The results are great. I think it could be done at home if they used acrylic paint. Hmmm... Ideas for afternoons with the grandchildren.

Shelina said...

Ahem, I realize that you were probably using your initials, but you do realize that your letters spell the word CAT do you not? I just posted today about the word cat. LOL

Linda_J said...

what fun! The kids look really intent on their work.


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