Thursday, July 20, 2006

Window Box

Last night I was able to spend a little time working on my Atlantic Jewel blocks again, I won’t show you a picture just now, because what I made was nothing you haven’t already seen. I’ll post a picture when I’ve made all nine blocks, and then I can make the final decision ‘to sash or not to sash’. I love this forum for being able to bounce ideas around, it’s super fun!

I thought I’d share with you a quilt I made some years ago now, it was the quilt that hooked me into joining Thimbleberries club, and I’ve been a member ever since, although this year I’m the teacher, not a participant.

The quilt is called Window Box. I thought it was the cutest quilt ever, I think it may have been the border fabric that grabbed me at the time, I do love the colour green. I placed it in my family room over the TV cabinet. Do you see that icky boring beige-ish colour on the wall? Well, I’m onto that wall right now, the paint is moving its way around the rooms. I’m almost done in the kitchen too. Marty is going to hang the wooden venetian tonight. It took a little longer than I wanted because … On Sunday I hade a brain fade, and bought a blind that was the next size too small for my window … so I had to go back and exchange it *duh*. All is well now tho, and we’re proceeding as planned!

Melanie made a poignant comment yesterday, it’s so true … the kids do remember the time you spend with them having fun and not how tidy your house is or whatever. I really have to tell myself that more, because it’s easy to get trapped in the routine and grind of life, and forget that the tiny people need to be having fun with us too.

Joyce wondered what kind of paint we were using … it seemed just to be acrylic paint. It washed right off with water when it was time to clean up. After we were done with painting, we were able to take our pieces over to a counter where we could select if we wanted any glitter on them, and then they sprayed them with a quick dry kind of varnish. It was all very easy and fun. I have seen kits for plaster mould painting at Spotlight (which is a little like Joanne’s) maybe they’re easy to find?

Shelina commented that we’d made CAT with our initials … I thought it’d be fun … because there had been a few posts lately about cats … and heavens … how lucky that they’re our initials!

Today we’re popping into quilt group for a little bit. Amy is a junior member, so it’s really the only opportunity she has, when she’s on school holidays. We can’t stay for long tho, Cameron is unlikely to find it interesting. His day care lady is still unwell, I’m sending her good wishes to get better, it’s not nice for her to feel so unwell, she’s like a member of our family. *hugs Christine*

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