Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesdays are Fun!

Today is my day for teaching at the quilt store. This morning was Thimbleberries Club, and this afternoon was Dear Tazzie. The afternoon class was super busy and passed by so fast.

Cameron’s day care lady is just now recovering, so today he spent the day with some ‘pseudo relatives’. They’re related to us very distantly, and have retired and live right near his kindy. They love kids and Cameron just loves them, so they’re happy to have him when I get stuck. To say thank you, last night I baked them a dozen cupcakes (I wish I had taken a picture), and I also gave them a quilted table topper I made in Thimbleberries club. It was the project from January 2004. Cameron had also spent the day with them a few weeks ago, and they took him to the Zoo, so I really wanted to do something nice for them in return.

Tomorrow I have the day all to myself, so I’m in two minds if I should do some more painting, or if I should do something just for me … I have a feeling I’ll want to paint … believe it or not, I actually love to paint!


Screen Door said...

I can remember when Chelsey was 4, she had preschool 3.5 hours 2 days a week. Eric was in 1st grade. I would sometimes even set my clock alarm for an hour earlier just to make sure I got the chores done before school because that was my 'Free' time. I would break my back getting everything done for the 3 and a half hour oasis....funny. You're a good woman if you paint...

quiltpixie said...

if you enjoy painting, then its time for you too.... personally I'd be finding something else :-)

EileenKNY said...

How great that you have a back-up when your regular day care lady is ill.
I like that little quilt you have in your photo. Nice for a side table. Is this one of your patterns?

Hanne said...

Nice table topper :-) Maybe you can do both - both paint and sew ?

Linda_J said...

How about a little of both or best not to break it up if you get on a roll?


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