Sunday, July 16, 2006

I shouldn't sew in my Jammies!

Yes, you read that correctly ... I shouldn't sew in my jammies! This morning I had a late start, after painting some more yesterday I was feeling weary, and I decided to read a little in bed this morning. After surfacing and having coffee, I decided to mosey on into the study and make up the binding for the quilt. Well, I was pressing the binding, and who should walk in, but my hubby ... closely followed by one of his friends! Ooops!! Shamelessly I continued to make up my binding, I mean really ... what's more important!! *gulp* I should really be taking Flylady's lead, and getting dressed to my shoes, but hey ... we need a little mortification now and then right??

So the binding is made up, and I just need to attach it.
I hope to get that done today. See it there, it's all scrappy ... I'm loving scrappy bindings right now, and given the quilt is a scrappy one, it should look quite good! I have a number of things to get thru, so I'll see if I have time to get to it. I want to go out at some point and see if I can get a wooden venetian for my kitchen. The hideous pink verticals that the previous owners of this house installed really do not go at all in the newly sage green kitchen. (Or in any room of any home for that matter!!)

Amy received so many lovely comments on her quilt yesterday, so we thought it would be nice to share her first quilt with you. It's super cute, it took a couple of years to make. We had purchased a large pack of eye spy fabrics when Amy and I visited PIQF with Linda in 2000. The following year, Amy started piecing nine patches with them. She must have been about 6. Fast forward a couple of years, and we decided to put them together. Many of them were very lumpy, so we unpicked them so they'd go together. Amy chose the sashing and cornerstone fabric, and we put the quilt together. The back is pieced with 9 bright fat quarters, and the excess from the edges was saved for the binding. This quilt was one of the first things I machine quilted!

I really want to respond to some of the comments from yesterday, but Blogger is misbehaving right now, so I'll leave that until my next post. *fingers crossed* It'll behave for me later on!


Hanne said...

Amy has been a skilled little quilter for a while I see. You can look forward to many happy moments together :-)

quiltpixie said...

When you started your jammie story I expected to hear they'd gotten cut as part of the binding... Anyhow, I'm sure DH's firned was happy to have a fashion show :-)

Nancy said...

Sometimes you just gotta have a Jammie day. :-) I managed to stay in my nightie until almost 6 this evening when I had to get dressed to go help David rearrange stuff at his office. I was having a good time sewing in my nightie all day until he ruined it for me. Durn it!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Amy did a great job on that quilt! I love how kids pick colors and combinations!

I always try to get dressed as soon as my feet hit the floor, but there are days when I enjoy puttering around in my jammies too!



Screen Door said...

OK if you are like me you were in a t shirt and boxers or flannels of some sort, but we'll pretend you were in the sexy black slinky thing and your husband was right proud!!!!I love your daughters quilt too. What's the binding going on?

Norma said...

You have a true quilter on your hands. Lucky you! It is always nice to be able to share your pasion with your children.

Linda_J said...

I would just figure that they were not your invited guests but your husband's. Let him explain and entertain the fellows. What you see is what you get! While Flylady has some great ideas, I could not go along with the shoe part--forcing me to wear shoes all day would be shear torture. Slippers maybe but not the shoes, anything but the shoes.

Miss Amy has been sewing since age 6--wow! Most kids do not have that kind of concentration. And to re-sew the ones that needed it, even more so.

Marcie said...

Amy's quilts are great! I bet she is proud to see her work turn out so well and then published on your blog! It is so nice to share your passion with your daughter.

Finn said...

It's a really great little quilt...please tell Amy..she did a great job! As did her mum...*VBS*
As for the jammies?? It's 3:15 here in WI, and I am STILL in my jammies...luckily, no DH to walk in with a friend. Maybe you just need a sign for the door...Jammies Zone Ahead!

ForestJane said...

WTG on teaching a young quilter early! My mom started me about 3 years old - she had an old machine that had a knee lever to start and stop sewing. One of my favorite things to do was to wind the bobbins for her. :)

She'd get everything all set up, then let me sit in her chair and 'sew' as the bobbin wound... lol I thought I was really something!

Shelina said...

Amy does a great job - you are a wonderful teacher. I generally follow flylady's advice and get dressed in the morning, but I think the point is so that you feel motivated to work rather than laze around all day. If you are motivated to work in your jammies, save yourself the time, and work on. I mean, you are just going to have to put them back on to go to bed anyway, right?


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