Monday, July 24, 2006

Kitchen ... check!

Last night I finished the last bit of the kitchen I’m going to be able to do right now, so I’m sharing some pictures with you. I would like to have taken a ‘before’ picture before I started doing anything at all, but I just didn’t remember to. But at least you get to see the grimy colour on the walls, and a tiny bit of the icky pink blinds. I’m just not sure who chooses to have blinds like that, and they entirely filled the rear of our home! Only three left now!

And so you see the after picture. I’ve painted in the sage green colour, replaced the verticals with a timber venetian, and put our stuff back :-)

The next thing to do on my agenda, and I will start getting estimates, is to get some glass fronted cabinets on the blank wall above the stove. The kitchen will then be 90% finished. The last thing I will do (and it’s some time off yet) is to think about a new fridge, and I’m not sure what I want to do about that yet.

It feels good to get that project out of the way. Next I need to finish painting the family room, and then work on to the hallway. It’ll be so much easier to do when the kids get back to a normal routine :-)


Melanie said...

What a beautifully NEAT kitchen. You've got to love it!!! I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings but vertical blinds belong in a doctor's office not a home-y kitchen. You are really going to enjoy the new colors. Find a place for a quilt... whether it is a plate, a towel, a pot holder, or even a framed print. There's got to be a quilt--- it's your trademark.

Stay sweet

ForestJane said...

That looks lovely! Now get some fabric that matches the paint and make some pot holders and things to put here and there. :)

Shelina said...

Your kitchen looks so nice and homey. The sage color adds life to the kitchen, but in a calm way that will sooth you while you do your cooking. More cabinet space will be wonderful. I like how much counter space you have. I sadly, have none. Just the two litte sides of the sink and that's it.

Linda C said...

much, much better and more to your tastes. So neat and tidy. I so hate our dark, dull countertop (kitchen and bath) but no way would DJ ever replace any of it.

Marlublu said...

I love your large countertop. No matter how hard I try mine is never clutter free. Clean but not clutter free. It is hard work to remodel or change things but it's also fun. I love your Dear Jane quilt but know I could never make one. I admire you for making it.It's just beautiful


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