Tuesday, July 25, 2006

B4 - Chris's Soccer Field

This morning I’m feeling particularly lazy for some reason. I have a feeling I could use a little more sleep … if only! So here I am, wondering what I might share with you and I just don’t seem to be able to get my brain to focus on something interesting. It also doesn’t help that I have a tiny person half sitting on my lap eating toast … he’s determined to share something with you too!

In light of that, I thought maybe I’d share with you the first block I did on my DJ journey, the one that started the whole addiction. It’s B4 – Chris’s Soccer Field. I actually just made it to practice foundation piecing. I’d only just learned how, and thought the block would be a great candidate to give it a try.

I should also mention that after I finished making my DJ blocks, I took a ‘picture’ of each and every block with my scanner. That’s why you can’t see any of the quilting from my quilt, and also why some of the seams look kind of prominent. For some reason though I didn’t do all the triangles, only some of them. I wish I’d done them all, but I think towards the end, I was just looking forward to getting it finished.

Forest Jane asked whether or not any of the little blocks had inspired a whole quilt, I hadn’t thought of that at all. There are lots of great blocks, but that wasn’t something I thought about. I’m not sure why … perhaps I was just entirely over them at the time? And Shelina wondered how I quilted it … I did it by hand, at the time I didn’t machine quilt very well, and I just let each block ‘tell’ me how it wanted to be quilted, so they’re all different.

Hope you’re all having a great day … I’m off to get some more coffee!!


quiltpixie said...

love the chocolate brown of this block...

EileenKNY said...

While you're at it, have a cup for me too.
I think a whole quilt with this particular block would be outstanding. Only I'd try to get it to 12 inches. Just something to think about.
By the way, love the ideas for the kitchen. I like the color and I think it will draw all the different areas together.
You've shown pics of bits of your sewing room-do you have any of the room itself? I'm a studio junkie; I love seeing where other people work.

Finn said...

Hi Tazzie, nice to see the beginnings of your DJ. I'm just approaching the starting point for my Civil War Diary Quilt. I must admit, it's hard to stop reading the journal entries and focus on the block.
But I'm working on it..got the first one cut out today.

Shelina said...

This is nice. I started with the nine patch! I haven't thought of other quilts to make with the blocks either. It is enough work to just get one of these done. But maybe when I am done with this one, I might .. Nah, you know I'll probably do another sampler when I'm done. There are so many more out there - Amish something, Sylvia's Bridal quilt, Dutch Treat, etc.


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