Sunday, January 14, 2007

Inspired by Bonnie

Have you read Bonnie's post about her progress taming her stash? She's just so inspiring! I have been plugging away at UFO's these past few months, and trying really hard to use up my scraps, and felt like I was getting nowhere. My storage system isn't so great though, so even if I was making progress I probably wouldn't be able to see it.

I've taken heart from Bonnie's success, and I'm going to keep on working the scraps and the stash.

Thank you so much to Kim from 'A Peach in Stitches' for creating this neat button to help keep us on track. She sure is one talented girl.

Badge from A Peach in Stitches

Be sure to visit her site if you'd like to use the button, as she's kindly provided the code for us there.


Kim West said...

awwww shucks... thanks!

Nines said...

I rarely buy fabric- I know, a real oximoron in the quilting world. I mean, what is too much? I need to ask around. Can I just say that I am in love with the kitty? We have ginger cats and I almost always give them Irish names- I have no idea why. Right now we have 2 boy cats named Izzy and Abner. Izzy used to be a Issa- the second half of Issa-bella. Thought they we both girls! But no, he's an Izzy. Can't wait to hear how Amy likes her and what you name her.

Susan said...

If you keep using it up, and don't buy more, you have to see a difference sometime. =) How are those DJs coming in the new year?

Clare said...

Keep on plugging away - it will eventually diminish and you will be wondering what to do with the space! Me, I get tempted too easily, but Kim has devised a forfeit. Kitten is cute.



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