Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blocks blocks blocks!

I got a little bit of stitching done yesterday, gosh I love to piece blocks! I made two more DJ blocks toward my commitment for 8 for the month.

On the left is E12 - Mary Ruth's Corset. Some tiny pieces in the centre there. I really love that purple 30's print. I don't have enough left now for any more DJ blocks, just enough for a couple of 2" squares in my scrap boxes. It's a nice feeling to use something up entirely!

On the right is H4 - Abbey's Eyes. How much do I love this block! So much - seriously! This one I could imagine making a whole quilt from. I have actually made a change from the block in the book ... can you see what I've made differently? I've added a seam down the centre of the white arrow points. It just makes it so much easier to set that diamond in when there's that seam join there to manipulate. Y seams can be tricky things, but this block is a joy to put together.

And here are some blocks I put together for Clare. They're all bagged up now and ready to go. I'm so happy to be involved in her Quilts 4 Leukaemia project. What a worthy cause!

Today I will make up the blocks for Nancy. I will love making up the Heartstrings blocks. In my stash I have these 10" squares of some unusual fabric that I had planned to use for backs. These days I use Bonnie Hunter's technique with the 10.5" backing squares, so the 10" squares have sat around with nothing to do. And then this project came up ... it's just serendipity, I'll use the 10" squares as the base fabric. I may just get addicted to these blocks and make myself a quilt using this technique too ... a project for another rainy day.

Have a great weekend everyone ... it's raining here ... much needed rain.


Mary said...

String blocks are addicting! I just finished another 80 although these are a different from the blocks with the blue or red centers in that they are actually half square triangles. I'm in the middle of assembling the top AND I'm almost finished quilting my blue strings from last year.

ForestJane said...

Your basket blocks are great, in fact I was trying to see where your seams were... lol

And awww, what a cute kitten picture... :) still no name? I just met a ginger cat named "Fastas" and couldn't figure out what it meant... till his Mom told me it was from the story.

*quotes* "Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!" He had spent his kitten days in overdrive, but now that he was a frequently napping old man of 8 years old, it's more a joke name. :)

Susan said...

Your DJ blocks are great! Every one of yours looks so neatly done. I love that particular basket block. Sometimes I turn the bottom HST sideways for a different look, too. You seem to be having plenty of good time with your sewing machine. =)

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday and a great day planned for today! Any day quilting is a great day!

Pam said...

You are really moving along with your DJ blocks. I thought I had some of that purple fabric in my stash - but I don't. But boy do I ever have alot of 30's fabric. Maybe I should make a 30's DJ next -- I wonder if I will live long enough? LOL

Shelina said...

You are doing so many different things! Your DJ blocks look so good - I think I should make mine right after you make yours, while I remember your tips! The basket blocks are cute too.


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