Sunday, January 21, 2007


Mother Nature is just wonderful sometimes. We have desperately needed rain, and lo and behold, the heavens have opened! And with rain comes wonderful indoor time, and I've taken advantage of that!

Yesterday I made up seven Heartstrings blocks in honour of Nancy's birthday. Happy belated birthday Nancy!. I'll mail them out with my other parcels on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can see how Mary has declared these blocks addictive. I challenge everyone to get involved in the cause, I see so many of you are already. I'm going to put the button in my sidebar, so go check out the Heartstrings site. Thank you so much to ForestJane for making up the button for us all, and also for sharing the cute picture for stash-quilts.

Having some wind and rain also meant that some of our peaches have fallen from the tree. Rather than let them go to waste (we can only eat so many while they're fresh) I've cut them up and bottled them. We'll be able to have yummy peaches for the year to come.

These are Elberta peaches - old fashioned free-stone ones that taste just divine! This is the first year we've had peaches on our tree, as it's just a baby, and believe me, we're thrilled with it.

And here is my final piece of work for the day. One more DJ block. This one is J2 - Picture Perfect. I love this block, and I think it's perfect if I do say so myself. All the little seams line up so nicely. Those little white pieces are 1/4" wide. I have the freezer paper marked and cut up ready for three more blocks, so I may get them done today. I've done my chores this morning, so I have the afternoon to myself.

Because of the rain I haven't ventured far from home this weekend, so I haven't been to the quilt store to pick up the thread for the WTP quilt, I'll do that in the next day or so ... I'm so looking forward to finishing it. Hope you're all having a great weekend!


Dianne said...

Oh, Tazzie, I am SO jealous of the rain you're having! It's been dry and hot here for weeks, and no sign of let-up. Not usual for the Southern Highlands of NSW!

The peaches look absolutely scrumptious...can just imagine them over a dish of ice cream..

And I LOVE that little block, Picture Perfect. That would make a lovely quilt, all on its own, in say 6" size, scrappy colors with white sashing, wouldn't it?

Mary said...

I love the HeartString blocks! I finished assembling my latest string top tonight and have the Blue string quilt trimmed and ready for binding. One of these days I may have to start piecing something else but for now I'm having fun trying different string quilt patterns.

ForestJane said...

I think that little DJ block would look really cute with a miniature I spy theme - especially if you had a fabric with 4 different but matching little motifs you could cut out.

YOU know, so they'd have the same background - black fabric, say, with white ghosts, orange pumpkins, green monsters, and yellow moons in the print. :)

Jodie said...

Tazzie I like you latest DJ block. This one is really nice, I can imaging a whole quilt out of it.


Carol said...

Your Heartstrings blocks are wonderful...I'm going to get going on mine as soon as I get back from my trip to Chicago to see my grandbaby. YUMMY peaches...may I come for a bite? Your Dear Jane block is awesome...1/4" strips YIKES! I must get back to my Dear are motivating me. Thanks!

joyce said...

Your blocks are fabulous and the peaches look delicious. We don't have the climate for peaches here but apples do well so I suppose it's a trade off. Glad to hear you have rain at last.

Diana said...

I've been admiring your Dear Jane blocks. My LQS is going to offer a Dear Jane class and I am debating whether to join. The owner figures on having us do 7 blocks a month over two years. Are you enjoying making the blocks overall?

Shelina said...

Good job on the DJ and the heartstrings. I need to work on my Jane one of these days. I really like the pics in the sidebar. I might have to make a heartstrings block just so I can add it to my sidebar!

cher said...

great to catch up with your doings Tazzie! love all the blocks and your joy in quilting...way to go on canning up those peaches too.


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