Friday, January 09, 2009


Yesterday I got the call to let me know that the new outdoor setting was ready to be collected, so after work, Marty and I toddled over to pick it up. It's now assembled, and I'll share a picture once I've cleaned up all the cardboard that Cameron has been busy 're-purposing'. My he's made a mess, but he's having such a good time.

Next door to the outdoor shop, there is a pawn shop of sorts that will remain nameless. Marty was curious and wandered in. He noticed the little sewing machine and wondered if I'd be interested. Well, of course I was, it's a Singer, and a 99k at that. They're such dear little machines - sadly this one had lost it's bobbin cover, but apart from that it was complete. Originally they wanted $150.00 for it - madness! It had been reduced and reduced and was marked at $65.00. When the guy wandered over I mentioned that I had a $50.00 note, and he could take it or leave it. Eventually, he took it. So, now I have a new little friend for my other Singer machines, and a good lead on a bobbin cover. I'm a happy camper!

Linda my wonderful friend from San Jose is such an angel - I received some mail from her this week, and included was this pincushion that she made. I just adore it, I've never received such a beautiful one before. Just so you know how much work was in it, those strips are one quarter inch wide. It's just stunning. Thank you so much Linda, I will treasure it.

And there were more treats inside, a book on socks that I've coveted for a long time, the last of my buck a block blocks, and some magazines. Once again, thank you Linda, you're entirely wonderful.

Tonight I'll be quilting on a Thimbleberries top, and then if I get the chance, I'll get back to the purple star blocks. I've made up many of the points, and they're looking great if I do say so myself :-)


Linda said...

So how does a 99 compare to a Featherweight?
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great deal on the sewing machine. I also was lucky enough to receive a pincushion from Linda and it is AWESOME!! Happy New Year, Hugs, Karen in California

YankeeQuilter said...

I like the little 99K's. I used one as a spare machine when I was in the UK. The pincushion is amazing.

Have fun setting up your new furniture!

Bonnie said...

Love the little 99!! It looks like mine!:cD


Doodlebug Gail said...

What a great deal on the little machine. And that pincushion is amazing - wow, you are very lucky to have such a great friend.

sewprimitive karen said...

How wonderful that you rescued that pretty machine. I need to read up on these Featherweights. Am wondering if a 99 is a Featherweight, looks like it is.

Clare said...

The only trouble with collecting lovely machines is once you start you can't stop. Even my DH is addicted and likes going sewing machine hunting. It's me that has to say no LOL.

Love that pin cushion.

Pam said...

Wow - that is an amazing little pincushion - 1/4 inch strips!

I have a little Singer "Spartan" -that looks a lot like that little "99" It belonged to my MIL and it sews like a dream. It must weigh 50 lbs though -LOL Not very portable - but I should use it more often.

*karendianne. said...

I'm such a dork. I saw this post and forgot to say "yippie" on the new find and also - I'm very happy for you with that lovely pincushion. ~ what a treasure.

Bev Kirk said...

I've been neglecting my Singer 99K... it's taken me thru some good times... I even took good pictures and documented the machine.... a beauty!


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