Saturday, January 31, 2009

Log Cabin Drawing

I haven't really been doing too much sewing lately - it's been too hot, and for too long. We've had 5 consecutive days where the temps have been 40c (104f) and over, and it will stay that way until Friday. Whew!

The little bit I have done is some quilting which is not so interesting to share, and I've added some more strips to my log cabin blocks. And, so you can see where I'm heading with the log cabin blocks, I thought I'd share with you the picture I drew up before embarking on the project:

I do love the colours in the drawing - but I'm actually using my scrap strips for my blocks (as you saw in a previous post), so it's not going to end up with the pretty purple tones. But, who knows, I may end up making another in a more planned colourway.

Well - I'm heading off now to pin a quilt, and then cover some school books for Cameron. My kids are back to school on Monday, and we're all really looking forward to it. Have a great weekend, and I'll check back in with you all soon!


Clare said...

Hiya Hon,

You ok over there? Headlines this morning on the BBC said you're 40°+ and it's horrendous.


Paula said...

So sorry to hear about the heat! Yikes!! I think a scrappy version of that log cabin will be awesome. I love having a project where you can sew a bit here and there. That reminds me to pull out my "Everlasting Wreath" blocks and sew a few! Thanks.

Violette Severin said...

It's too hot. Last week it was -11 here and -38 with the wind chill factored in.

Dianne said...

Yucky heat, Tazzie! So I won't tell you that it's 17 or 18 degrees and brilliant sunshine here at the condo in California, ok?

I LOVE this design for the Log Cabin Stars! I think I may need to steal this wonderful idea sometime. Log cabins are one of my favorite designs, and I've been feeling like the time is coming to make another...You are SO clever to design this.

Ali Honey said...

We are hot her too, but you are far worse. We have to work outside so that doesn't help.

Just love that design with the stars in it. WOW. Yes make a second in the lovely colours you have there.

Keep cool, chill out, are inappropriate suggestons!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

That is the most frustrating thing about EQ in my opinion - I use the fabric stash they provide but either the fabric is out of date and I can't track it down to match it, or I can't get my quilt to look quite like the one I drew up! Lol* Can't wait to see how yours turns out though - you have a real way with scraps! :)

MARCIE said...

Love this quilt and your scrappy fabrics are a delight!


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