Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Summer daze ...

I'm still sewing the 'purple stars' blocks when I have the chance, and I've now finished the middle parts of all 25 blocks. It's fun to chain piece away, and because they're scrap blocks, I've also managed to deplete many of my leftover bobbin threads. I don't know why, but I always feel very virtuous when they start disappearing. Next, onto the triangle outer points.

On the stove right now, just over 3kgs of apricots. I'm stewing them this time - and when they're done, I'll put them in the Fowlers jars and preserve (can) them. Super nice served with ice-cream and we'll really appreciate them in winter months when stone fruits are just a memory. There are still a few more apricots left on the tree, and I'll pull the ladder out tomorrow and get the last few. I may bake something with the last ones - that will be an adventure, something I've never done before!

In the mail yesterday, some fabric I ordered just over a week ago. It always amazes me how fast fabric can get here from the US. All reproductions, the purplish/blueish print is destined to be sashing strips for the purple stars quilt, and also will be put with my 'buck a block' Thangles project (thank you so much Linda and Donna for gathering the components for me!). The others are 'justin' fabrics. You know - just in case I need them sometime. Well, to be fair, I don't actually have any yellow in my stash, and very little pink. I think you'd all be very surprised at the massive gaps in my stash - I'm working at filling them ... in a responsible way of course :-)

I also received fabulous mail from my wonderful friend Linda, and I'll share that in my next post. Chatter soon :-)


LC said...

This is not fair... I read blogs before breakfast, love apricots, and all I have are a couple of commercially preserved cans, nothing like this scrumptious photo. You have my mouth watering and stomach growling! Never mind the creeping up of green envy.

Oh, the stars are looking great, and the new fabric is nice too. I like the term Justin fabric!

Have a great day!

loulee1 said...

Just send your scrap bins to me!! LOL And then you can start all over again!

Eileen said...

OH,Tazzie, those aprocots look so good. Take care climbing up the ladder. Love fresh ones, reminds me of my youth. Spent one summer when I was about 14 cutting apricots at a friends orchard , for drying.

Kristie said...

Lovely blocks! They look wonderful! I really like your new fabric too!!! Great colors!


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