Monday, January 12, 2009

Housey Stuff

This is a picture of Amy's bedroom - I'm not sure if I've ever shared it before. She's 14 now, and for some time she's been asking to have her room redecorated - which I can understand - it's pretty uncool to have a fairy border in your room when you're a teenager.

Our wonderful neighbours Andrew and Kath offered to lend me their steamer, and after some helpful instruction, yesterday I set about removing the wallpaper border. I was kind of nervous, but once I got the hang of it, it came off like butter. It's all done now, and I can get ready to paint. The hardest part of it all was moving around all the furniture.

She wants her room painted sage green like the rest of the house, and for the windows instead of the icky pink blinds we'll get timber venetians, with perhaps some sort of sheers to drape prettily at the sides.

See the peek of the quilt on the bed - I hand pieced and quilted the entire thing when Amy was around 5. She has used it to death - there are holes appearing in it here and there, but regardless it is loved still.

And as promised here is our new outdoor suite - we're having a little gathering on Friday to break it in - I'm so pleased we decided to wait rather than grab the one that was available straight away.

I'm off to the quilt store shortly - today is their opening after the holiday break, and they're having a big sale all this week. I need a couple of things, and have been dying for them to reopen. It will be fun to see my buddies again, and I have some quilts to drop off.

Better run - the day is disappearing!


GARI said...

It is always interesting as our children grow from children into emerging adults. In my case my child (40) is going from mother to grandmother and also student (starting nurses training). But each transition comes with change for us as well as them, huh?

Kristie said...

I'm sure she has had lots of fond memories in the beautiful room! Love the quilt! My youngest son has a quilt that I made him when he was about 18months old and he is now 6! He keeps it with him everywhere he goes. It is in shreds! I keep trying to hide it but he will not sleep without it!

Clare said...

We've already done the transition. Not so much redecorating, but moving rooms completely! Her domain - do not dare to enter unless you have permission, or knock first.

Love the outdoor furniture. Very posh.

Hope you had fun at the quilt shop.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your DD's room plans sound delightful...I hope you will post some "after" pictures.

LC said...

Yes, I want to see some 'after' pictures too. Will a new quilt be included in the redo? Or will the beloved one stay?

Nice outdoor suite too. Enjoy your breaking it in party!

Michele said...

Good luck with the room reno. Having just done one of these at my house, I'm sending you good reno energy hugs! You'll need them!



*karendianne. said...

How happy that quilt is, Tazzie. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the room.

Totally dig the updated outdoor digs!


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