Saturday, September 29, 2007


Thank you all so much for your amazing response to my last post. Each and every lovely comment means so much. I would like to say a special thank you to Sally from SC - your message is so sweet.

I have been working hard on the directions for the quilt, and they're around three quarters done. I thought I'd take a break this afternoon and make up something I haven't ever tried before. It's a purse/zippy. A lot of fun to make, and I can see more in my future. I've put this one in my Etsy store.

Amy and Marty have headed on over to the beach house. Amy for the week, and Marty for the long weekend. My Dad is putting up a verandah at the back of the house and Marty wants to help out. I didn't really want to travel just yet with Cam, so we're having a quiet weekend at home. I predict I'll having a few late nights - I'm sure it's no revelation that I'm a night owl! I'll check in again soon and let you all know how productive I've been :-)


Cathi said...

I like the coin purse! I have been looking for one and contemplating making one as I have lots of coins here in Ireland that I carry around... I need one of these lol.

You have to stop selling such interesting things!! I have been tempted by the sewers mat and this now, but keep telling myself to just make one. That will happen in about 10 years!! So... you might see me on etsy again!

Screen Door said...

Love the purse and the quilt below. Great colors in both. Is school in session right now for you guys? I never can keep it straight....

Ali Honey said...

That's a lovely little purse . Clever you. I love short projects that can be fitted between bigger on going ones. Your quilt is great! I'm glad to hear the patient is almost back to normal.

amandajean said...

I love your little purse zippy. the colors are wonderful.


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