Friday, August 10, 2007


I saw something cute on Jessica's How About Orange blog the other day, and I had to try it! I've been Simpsonized! How fun :-) My kids were definitely impressed! Go Simpsonize yourself, I dare you!

You just need a picture of yourself, and I used the one from my blog. At the end of the process you can play around and add accessories etc.

And now on a quilty note - I've been working hard lately on my patterns etc, and here is one of my latest projects. I've made these up before as gifts, but these ones will be for me. I needed a new project for the girls at the quilt store, and this is something they can work up with their scraps, or to suit their decor.

My own mat was made up with one of my favourite Thimbleberries fabrics. I find that people either love or hate this fabric, it's very 50's and people say it reminds them of carpet from that era. Something I did which is new to me is I used a sparkly silver thread to quilt it, but I used it in the bobbin, and quilted the mat upside down. I purchased two cones of the thread a while back and was frustrated when it would break all the time no matter what needle I used. I was just about to toss the thread when I saw a lable on the inside of the cone - ' for use in bobbin only'. And hey presto - all is well!

So, in addition to that, I've been working on my pattern website, and because I love to play, I re-jigged the template for this blog. Wow, are the templates a can of worms to open! I quite liked how I had the blog set up before, and once I changed it, it took a while before I was happy with things were set up again. I think this one may have to stay for a while.

Well, that's it from me - I'm off to the grocery store and the post office. x o x


Rose said...

U amaze me!!! quilting it upside down,and here im still having trouble quilting it the right way lol. Love the mat Tazzie, loggies r just my favorite!!!!

McIrish Annie said...

Love the mats! I too found that quilting with the grouchy thread in the bobbin sometimes takes care of the problem.

May K said...

Like your mat and I like your "new" blog! I think it looks great!

Dawn said...

Oh fun, I think I need to go Simpsonize!

Malagueta said...

Wow, I completely just Simpsonized the whole family. I finally have a blogger photo I can use! Thanks.

Rhonda said...

Neat mat and thanks for the link to Simpsonizing.

Susan said...

I like the mat, and wish the quilting showed. I often don't read the fine print until the last minute, too. Thanks for the pics of Maureen receiving her quilt. What a great thing that was!


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