Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nothing Quilty

** Late Edit** You will all be pleased to know that I've just placed an order with Z&S Fabrics. Their sale has come at just the perfect time. Just 6 yards - which is what will fit into a Global Priority Envelope. I don't know that I'll be removing my fabric diet badge - I won't go on a big binge. Judicious sale purchasing is what is in order. Who knew that I'd become a cautionary tale ... "When good fabric diets go bad!"

No quilting going on in this house right now. I'm really dying to get back into the Sisters Choice quilt, but not just yet. My 'stash sort' has turned into a full blown 'Flylady' session in the Study/Sewing Room, and I'm in the middle of rearranging the whole room!

It's quite a large room, and it contained two desks (one is a computer desk) two bookcases, my cutting table, sewing table, a sideboard/storage thingy and the guest bed.

My goal is to get rid of one bookcase, one desk and the sideboard. With the two new closets I have been able to toss the sideboard, I'm in progess of paring down all the books into one bookcase, and then I'll be able to lose the extra desk. While I'm doing this, I'm also working thru accumulated paperwork and clutter. I've pared down my quilting magazines too, I'm going to take some to the shop tomorrow to donate to anyone who'd like them. It's a big job, but I'll really feel like I've accomplished something at the end!

And here is my latest finish. A new mitt. This is my 'car work'. I tend to spend a bit of time in the car waiting on the kids, so I always have a small project in there to work on. I finished this one up waiting for Amy after netball training. I did have to sew in the ends and finish up the thumb at home

The needles are in the car waiting for the opportunity to cast on the next one. It may be spring before it's finished though. This yarn was given to me by Maureen (the recipient of the surprise quilt). She was the person who first gave me the confidence to work on four needles and hence make socks. She's such a honey.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm shortly having a 'play date' with my friend Karen, we'll have a fun stitching afternoon with lots of chatter and laughter. Have a great day. x o x


Dawn said...

Let's here it for Z&S! My order is on the way too!

Hanne said...

Fabric diet is not fabric starving is it ? ;-)
It is keeping the purchases low and using from fabric collection so the collection shrink.

Remember - we are in this for the fun :-)

mereth said...

Placing an order for fabric on-line? I've got one thing to say to you Tazzie (in the voice of Kath from Kath and Kim).....Good Gurl!!!!

Rose said...

U have been sooooo good for soooo long!!!! why not treat urself. great job with the reorganising!!!

atet said...

Fabric diet when you have more than enough to make just about any project you want/need to make is one thing (ie -- the kind I need to be on). When it means you can't make many projects at all and it is going to be a stretch to do what you love -- time to get some new stuff for the stash!

Your room reorganization is amazing. Someday -- someday I will have my own room!

Floss said...

It so nice to buy fabric, and not feel guilty about it :).

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I'm pleased to hear that you have done the right thing and made an order. My recent order was in 'two' envelopes, so no more for a while. I have such a lot of repro fabric now that it's ridiculous, but "I love it so".

Patti said...

I'm so glad someone besides me thinks this way. A diet doesn't mean one stops eating - it just means that one starts eating wisely and sensibly. Shouldn't a fabric diet be the same? I've decided I can keep the badge even if I buy a little now and then - I'm so glad you agree. (On the other hand I may just be indulging in further rationalization LOL!)


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