Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quick Post

Just a quick post this morning. I really wanted to write yesterday, but just ran out of day. I think it was quarter to twelve last night I fell into bed, and I have a feeling my eyes were all but closed as my head hit the pillow.

Here is a little bit of eye candy from the quilt store yesterday. My friend Jenny S. just put the borders on this quilt. It's made from those cute dimensional bow tie blocks, and she has been using up all her scraps. She told me yesterday that she's almost out of scraps - Amazing! Hi Jenny - I know you'll be stopping by :-) Ohhh, and that's Maureen you can see in the picture there!

This morning about five minutes ago, I finished sewing the binding to the surprise quilt, I'll take it along to quilt group this morning and get a start on hand sewing it down on the back. I can only go for a little while as I'm working at the quilt store this afternoon. Better run ... time is ticking!


Vicki W said...

That is a really cool quilt!

Screen Door said...

Can you imagine....almost out of scraps~?~?~I pull and pull from my stash and it never seams to dwindle and my scrap basket grows and grows. Without having a quilt store in town, I'd be lost without it, I guess.

Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt piccie. It is the first time I've seen something 'different' done with bowties. Love it :)

Bren said...

What an awesome quilt. Thanks for sharing. Amazing how much talent there is all around the world!!

Kim said...

That's a neat looking quilt! Different! And nice use of color--I like it!


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