Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shoo Fly Table Runner

Today I just could not face any more applique. I know I'll be ready to work on it again soon, so instead I allowed myself to start something else.

I made up a 'Shoo Fly Table Runner'. I love these things, and I just loooove the feature fabric in it. I've put it in my Etsy store. Because I clearly need to supplement my stash, I'm using up bits and pieces and any funds I accumulate I'm going to put toward stash enhancement. That's the plan!

I also made up a further four Shoo Fly blocks, and when I have the chance I'll quilt them up and bind them to be used as coasters.

For the runner, I used my favourite free motion quilting - you all have seen it before so many times - the peacock feathers. And since I loved the results so much from when I used the silver flecked thread in the bobbin, I decided I'd do it again. I'm so glad I found the little sticker that told me it was to be used in the bobbin. I seriously thought I'd purchased $40.00 worth of rubbish thread. Yay me ... if all else fails ... read the directions :-)

I think I'll try and get in a little applique before I go to bed ... I didn't think I would want to ... but I think it's calling me ... :-)


JudyL said...

Table runner looks great. You really are doing good with your applique!

Bren said...

Your table runne is beautiful! I am really enjoying my applique right now...it is calling me too!

Janice said...

Hey could you send me more info on your table toper I am very interested in purchasing it. I love it.
Janice Tucker

ruth said...

The table runner looks wonderful, and I'm really enjoying seeing your applique.

Kairle said...

Beautiful table runner, Tazzie. You always do such nice work! BTW, your applique is lovely!

Screen Door said...

Looks like a postcard...just beautiful.

Eileen said...

Tazzie, what a great use of that large Thimbleberries focus fabric.
Your applique is beautiful.

Remember me from the Hollow?

Dawn said...

Got the new AU P&Q yesterday and your flower quilt is gorgeous in it! They did another wonderful job with the photo's!

atet said...

Pesky projects that keep on calling to you -- darn it! Great table runner and that applique is going to be a stunner!

kcamou said...

Just beautiful... the runner, the thread, the feature fabric... all wonderful!


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