Friday, April 11, 2008

Still here - and quilting!

I'm sure you all know that when I can't get here to visit with you that I'm getting busy in the sewing room, or hanging at the shop :-) Not many places I'd rather be really!

I just thought I'd quickly share what I worked on last night and for a little of today - this is a quilt a customer has given me to finish (and it's done now). It belonged to a friend of hers who sadly passed away before she could complete it. It had been quilted a little, just a little 'in the ditch' work with monofilament, and needed more work done.

I really went to town on it, and felt like I was being watched from above with approval. I used a gold variegated rayon thread on the top, and feathered and freemotioned like crazy. I'm really thrilled with the result. It's bound now too, and I'll drop it off to the lady tomorrow, she just lives near the kids school.

And speaking of the kids school - they're on two weeks holiday as of the end of today. We're going to have fun together. Cam has a birthday party on Sunday, and Amy and I have two 'play dates' organised with friends next week. Plenty of quilting and stitching on the agenda too - I have much to achieve over the next couple of weeks. Talk to you soon! x o x


Clare said...

A quilt which has a history before it's even finished. Beautiful quilting.

Have fun with Amy. Alex breaks up today week for a fortnight. Did you speak to Amy about the 2 of them linking up on MSN? I'm sure they could do it during the holidays if Alex gets up earlier enough!


Karen said...

Sounds like you are delightfully busy as usual, sounds like fun to have the kids home for a bit.

Valerie said...

Wow, the quilting looks amazing. From the little bit I can see, it looks like the quilt top is also very beautiful. What a treasure you will be returning to your customer. :)

mereth said...

Sadly I've been asked quite a few times to finish quilts for reasons like this. One lady had cancer and wanted a quilt finished before she died, others are for relatives who have inherited unfinished projects. I feel very thankful that I can be a help in a stressful situation.
But it makes me think I'd better finish all my tops now we've got the Statler, and not leave them in a pile for the kids to worry about!

Nines said...

Beautiful! I'm sure her friend is so happy to have it done! Enjoy your time off with the kids.

Valerie said...

Your work is just beautiful. I have marked you as a favorite so I will be back soon.

Rose said...

I always look at your quilting and sigh.....its sooooo beautiful!!! How wonderful that it is all finished now and we be treasured forever!!
Hugs xxx


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