Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I really should be working on other things right now (like Christmas items for the workshop) but I just couldn't help but get diverted by something else.

I've started making up some little nine patches again. They finish at 4.5" square, I'm using up some 2" strips. Unlike the last series of scraps that used an 'anything goes' theme, this time I'm only using my reproduction fabrics. I'm also thinking of combining the nine patches with shoo fly blocks, but I'm not sure where I'm heading with these blocks at the moment.

Did I need another WIP? No, not really. I still haven't finished putting together the Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt - and I'm fighting myself not to start the Orange Crush mystery just now (I will at some point tho). I have two projects that need quilting, and Christmas projects that need making. As of last night I've designed two of them, so it's a start, right? Ohhh, and last of all, two more customer quilts to work on. I'll just take things one at a time :-)

Also, I'm super happy with how my laptop is running right now. Before Marty worked his magic, it was slowing, and I was getting some errors, so he's removed things I don't use anymore, cleaned up the files, and updated software. Not fun having the computer off the air for a little while, but so worth the end result.

I'm heading back to the nine-patches ... see you soon! x o x


Karen said...

Glad your computer is working well again. We can't get along without our computers!

Clare said...

I've got a pile of flimsies buildng up and yet I still keep making them. I really must start quilting otherwise we are going to be drowning in tops!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

I'm all for diversions with Nine Patches and Reproductions. Great little fabric scraps you've got there, too.

Dig it! *karendianne.

loulee1 said...

A little bit of doing what you fancy will do you good.

Cute Christmas fabrics you showed the other day, I love the tartan one.

Vicky said...

Great 9-patches! Can't wait to see this one!

quiltygal said...

Must be my second name (diverted) Have been reading your blog for a while now just opened my own not much on it yet still working out how to get pics onto my 'puter "sighs need a 6yr old:)))" Love your work and the speed you get things done ( sped not my middle name:((( ) if youdo have some time later when ive got stuff worth looking at on it my blog is www.quiltygal.blogspot.com Claire

ForestJane said...

I'm waiting on the Orange Crush too, I like my Christmas CC quilt, but wish I'd waited to be able to pick my colors a little differently.


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