Friday, April 18, 2008

Christmas workshop

Yesterday I got a really good start on one of the Christmas projects I have designed. I will be doing a Christmas in July workshop at the store, so I'm thinking I really need to get busy given that I'm thinking about a choice of five projects.

This one will be a lap sized quilt - if I recall correctly I think it works out to around 65" square. You can see at the top there are the beginnings of some blocks, and the ones on the left have the plaid fabric in the middle. When they're finished, they'll have the green fabric on the outside - so the blocks will be opposites of the finished blocks in the foreground.

Ummm ... did that make sense? Well, anyways, you'll see the progress soon. I will also make up a table runner, some placemats, a wall hanging ... and something else I'm not entirely sure about yet. All will be revealed in the fullness of time ... and when I've dreamed it up :-)

Also exciting for me is that my wonderful friend Linda (in San Jose) and I are embarking on a new scrap project together. This year we're going to make the blue and cream quilt on the cover of Star Happy Quilts by Judy Martin. I haven't actually made any of her quilts before, but Linda has made many, and she assures me that her patterns are wonderful. I definitely always love the look of her quilts - she's a scrappy quilter, just like me :-)

I have a feeling I'm going to need more project boxes soon - I have a few projects on the boil right now. I'm actually thinking I may also add a few more size 'scrap boxes' to my repertoire. It would seem that 6.5" and 5" may also be good size scraps to cut up for some projects. My cutting may be dictated by space soon. I have a serious investment in Starmaid tubs already!

Better run - we're out for a lunch date shortly ... be sure to have a wonderful day! x o x


Anonymous said...

Not that I want to encourage you but.... if you go to Ned's on Port Rd Welland they have boxes for $2 all sizes and then they also have plastic boxes cheap too. I got a really big one for $5!! Bargain :D

Clare said...

A quilter can never have enough storage boxes. I don't know what is more addictive. Buying fabric or the boxes to put it in!

Emma said...

I, too, have a collection of starmaid tubs for both fabric and kids' toys. I'm sure you know the supermarkets regularly have tham about half price? I often stock up. I have also found they are ideal 'boats' for a 2-year-old - naturally after the toys are tipped all over the floor!

Anonymous said...

Geesh, you're starting even before Christmas in July. =)
I love the fabrics you chose for this quilt - very fun and festive.

*karendianne. said...

Oh my thsi is just too cute!!!

MARCIE said...

Already with the Christmas quilts! It will be wonderful, I am sure. Really a cute plan for framing those darling Christmas prints.

Beth said...

OOH! Judy Martin is one of my FAVORITE quilt pattern authors. Her books are PACKED with info. Her directions are written JUST the way my brain works! I can't wait to see your stars. If you go to her site there are galleries of quilts made from her patterns. EYE candy!


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