Friday, April 04, 2008

Christmas Fabric

These very cute fabrics came home from the quilt store with me the other day. I'm planning a Christmas in July workshop, and have got some cute ideas running around in my head. I promise I'll share them with you as I'm working on them.

I really love the plaid - I'll check out some more coordinates next week, I don't have a lot in my stash that works with these brighter prints - most of my reds and greens are reproduction style prints, and seem a little murky.

In other news - my Spring Fling quilt went off in the mail today, so once again I feel a small weight lifted. I really don't mind deadlines, and actually work better with one, but there is always that sense of relief when one is met. Sometimes after I've sent the project off I feel a little lost for a while, but I have so many things on the go right now, I don't feel lost at all right now!

Last night I started quilting on Kelly's quilt, you can see it as she was making it on her blog. And I have to add ... Kelly, thank you for the lovely chocolatey surprise you had squirreled away for me!


Kelly said...

He he!!

I thought you'd enjoy them. I know that you'll have to keep your strength up for quilting the monster!!

There was also a card in the front pocket of the bag which I hope you also got.

I can't wait to see it. I'm sure that it is beautiful :0)\


Violette Severin said...

OMG, don't tell me its time to buy Christmas fabric! Its too soon. Love your Spring Fling quilt. The colors are dreamy. Why don't you send the Vintage Threads quilt to a longarmer? I couldn't sell it if it was mine. It looks like you did a lot of work on it.

julieQ said...

Pretty Christmas fabrics!! You get so much done!


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