Thursday, May 03, 2007

Laptop Unhappy

My laptop was unhappy. I don't know much about computers, so I booked it in for a service call with the husband. Yes ... I booked it in. This morning it spent some shed time with him while I was at the quilt store.

I explained to him that it was unhappy, and when the laptop is unhappy, wifey is unhappy, and I can't create when I'm unhappy. Oddly enough, he understood.

I'm now way behind with my blog reading, so I promise to catch up with you all really soon. This evening we have parent teacher night at Amy's school, and then she has dancing. I hope we can fit dinner in somewhere.

Be good, and do some stitching for me! x o x


Screen Door said...

They're great when they work--- but man is it aggravating when they don't... You realize what a part computers have become inour lives...

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I am trying to help my sister with a computer problem over the phone at the moment. It's a bit like the half blind leading the blind! I hate it when things just stop working for no reason like my CD drive drawer. Why?

atet said...

I hope you got to eat some dinner, and glad your computer is working for you again. Isn't it nice to have someone who understands "wife not happy -- no one in the house is happy?"

Mrs. Moody said...

I think that I am soon to schedule a date with the laptop doctor as well. I have had mine almost a year and I think we need a servicing just to maintain what we have. LOL!


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