Thursday, August 07, 2008


My record with Maiden Hair Ferns has not been the best at all. In fact, up until recently my kill record was about 5/5. And this little one was heading in the same direction.

It lived in a cute pot on the coffee table in the lounge room. When Gracie came on the scene, she really liked digging in the potting soil, and was using the fern as the 'veggie' portion of her diet. Ultimately the poor little fern just couldn't take any more and was looking so poorly, I decided to replace it with a cyclamen and got ready to toss it out.

For some reason I just couldn't bring myself to bin the little guy, so I put it in a tiny pot and brought it into the kitchen for a little nurturing. And here you see it some months later, it's actually looking somewhat healthy, and has about trebled in size from the nibbled stumps it had become.

Who knows, maybe my thumb has a slightly green tinge after all?? Or perhaps I shouldn't get ahead of myself - it's early days yet.

PS: Can you tell I have nothing quilty to share?? I actually don't remember the last item I worked on for me ...

PPS: Had my hair done today, and love it! I think there was more hair on the hairdressers floor than on my head ... I may share a picture if I'm brave ... you know how I love to have my picture taken ... It's probably shoulder blade length now, rather than near waist length ...

Talk soon x o x


em's scrapbag said...

Your plant looks great. You must have some green in your thumb.
I just did the same thing with my hair Don't you feel so much lighter.

Susan said...

The plant looks great! Probably not being nibbled on helped, and maybe it needed a smaller root ball. Looks healthy!

Patchwork Penguin said...

Congrats on the plant!!! Personally I'd kill plastic LOL

Where in the US are you headed?


Mary said...

I have a big pot with a bunch of different plants that was on my porch and not doing well until I moved it so the steps could be cleaned and stained - I just happened to put it where it catches water from the sprinklers and now it's doing great!


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