Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Christmas Blocks

Today I worked a full day at the quilt store as 'shop girl'. I often work a little in that guise as well as teach there, but never before a full day behind the counter. It was really fun, I hope I remembered everything I needed to do :-)

Tonight I started foundation piecing some of the blocks I need to make a Christmas table runner. This is the second of five projects I will make for the upcoming workshop. I love the fabrics in the centre of the blocks. Doesn't the one in the middle look like those old fashioned Spirographs? I used to love that toy, I wonder if my Mum still has it?

I have a total of ten blocks to make - five will be like the two you see in the picture, and the other five will have the brighter green and the red on the outside of the blocks. It will make it more interesting when the blocks are stitched together. There will be a panel at each end of the runner, and it will have an applique of some sort. I'm thinking maybe a snowflake or something. I'll decide when I get there. I love the fun colours that Christmas prints are including at the moment - I never would have called the bright green a Christmas colour, and yet here it is and I love it!

Also - I haven't forgotten about those of you looking for information about piecing batt together - I hope to have a few minutes to put a demo together for you this weekend. And regarding the paisley fabric, I haven't had any luck yet finding out who it's by, but I also haven't given up. More news as it comes to hand! x o x


Sara said...

I like the patterns of the fabrics, they go well together. Christmas already? Who can even think of that! I would like to fisish last year's Christmas stuff!

McIrish Annie said...

I don't know if I could work on Christmas quilts with summer around the corner. I really love these fabrics! what fabric line is it??

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh how lovely! What a pretty runner that is going to be.

Clare said...

I used to love Spirograph too. They still make it, but it's not like it was "in our day".

We're just into Spring so would you mind terribly not talking about Christmas just yet LOL.


Mad about Craft said...

I had spirographs too, I loved them. I kept them and my kids played with them too!

The blocks are nice too!!

Lea said...

It's very beautiful fabric. Yes, indee, it looks like Spirographs! *S*
Your blocks are so jolly and merry. I love them!


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