Monday, October 20, 2008

Fabric Haul

You'll all be glad to know that Amy and I made it home safely, and so did all our luggage. I joked with the customs guy that 'we travel light' after seeing that all our baggage had 'heavy' stickers plastered on them. Lucky for us he had a sense of humour and told us that we weren't the worst he'd seen.

You see some of the weighty culprits in the picture. This is some of my fabric haul - and fabric is heavy! I was reunited with some of the fabric today after sending them home with Martin. I must confess that we travelled to the US with three suitcases between us, and ultimately brought seven home. I must further confess that really speaking, four of those were mine alone.

But back to the picture. Almost everything you see here is one yard or more - many pieces as much as three yards. The ones on top in front of the fat quarter stacks that look like fat quarters are actually folded yard pieces, procured carefully from PIQF. Ohhh, and those fat quarter towers of gorgeous reproduction fabrics, I could just play with them all day. I just had a quick guesstimate, and I believe there could be as much as 80 yards there - possibly more with all those fq's! OMG!

Well, I really should get back to unpacking - I still have a million things to sort, a ton of clothes, shoes and souvenirs to find homes for. Also the issue of the slight fog around me after travelling half way across the globe and through heaven knows how many time zones. I've missed visiting with you all, and look forward to catching up with everyone, and sharing my adventures too :-)


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Welcome home...and what lovely treats! I dread the unpacking process when I get home from a trip...but with all those yummy fabrics to be sorted I bet it's more fun than not! :o)

Emma said...

Wow! Welcome home! Good to see that you have your unpacking priorities straight - fabric first! I hope you managed to exchange your $AU before the slump!

Anonymous said...

You baught some beautiful fabrics here in the US!

Pam said...

Holy smokes!!! What a pile! But I bet with the good exchange on the dollar and the cheap fabric in the U.S it would be silly not to stock up as much as possible - and you don't have to pay to have it shipped. I always buy way too much fabric when I go to the U.S.

Good to have you back and posting again! More about the trip :))

Kim West said...

Looks like you had fun!!! Gorgeous fabrics!!!

Dianne said...

Wow, what a haul, Tazzie! Did customs assess any duty? I've never encountered that on our trips back and forth, but then I've never brought in 80 lbs. of fabric, either!

Glad you're back...can't wait to hear all about the trip.

Kim said...

Good job, Tazzie! I'm proud of you! ROFLOL! I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful quilts you'll create!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Hello from Newfoundland, Canada

I just came across your blog this afternoon. I am home suffering through two wisdom teeth being pulled last night. I am taking the day to view other quilting blogs. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

I also wanted to say I love the fabric haul you brought home.

I too love Mary Jo's. I was there while driving through the US in the summer of 2000 and I ADORE that store!

When you get the chance, please take a view at my blog!

Quiltingly Yours


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