Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fabric Fun

A few random fabric happy snaps here for you today - witnessed - received - purchased and organised. Not necessarily in that order :-)

First up - a happy snap from the Pacific International Quilters Festival. Linda's favourite fabric store Golden State Sewing Center had purchased a huge number of my patterns before I went on holiday, the Sisters Choice Medallion being one of them. They cleverly created this very cute quilt from the pattern and kitted it up. How I wish I'd come up with such an adorable colour combination. The kit sold out very quickly - how fun!

And here is my fabric stash after I spent the morning folding up and putting away all my fabric purchases and acquisitions. I had to find new homes for my bins of strips as I needed the shelf space, and I did a little sorting to get the fabrics somewhat into colour groups. It's looking so much healthier than it did last time I shared a picture, but still not nearly as impressive as the stashes of some of my USA friends!

This adorable collection of green fabric was sent to me by our wonderful friend Karen. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated. I'm always looking for the perfect green, and I love all of them. Isn't it fun to have mail arrive from the other side of the world?

Last of all is a kit I ordered shortly before we headed off on holiday. I saw it in the Hancocks of Paducah catalogue, and I was mesmerised by it, I called Linda to discuss it with her, only to find that she had been coveting it also. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to make it up.

I should be able to share more holiday pictures as I have the chance. Marty bought me a new laptop on Wednesday, and it seems to be so much happier to communicate on my terms (somewhat technically challenged terms). It's so shiny and new and fast and slick - I'm still finding it a little scary, but hopefully I'll be comfortable with it soon. Talk soon :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tazzie,
It is so fun looking at all your pictures and remembering the good times we had. Your stash is looking good!!

Melanie said...

Love the kit, beautiful fabrics-- rich colors. Great guy for getting the laptop for you.

Anonymous said...

The kit is beautiful; love the colors. And your stash, is it really that small? If so, I am so envious. Finally, I'm not seeing the wow factor in the Civil War pattern, but I'm sure it's there. My vision can be limited, so could you point it out.

*karendianne. said...

Tazzie, Oh how I love the kit in those colors. Its the pattern that does it justice! Its so nice to see your fabrics so cared for and organized and indeed a grand "hats off" to Karen for the lovely collection of greens! What a treat.

Mail or Comments, anything from across the world is a pick-me-up anytime if you ask me!

Across the World with Love, *karendianne.

Andee said...

We must have similar taste because I really like that quilt you posted and I love the civil war kit you got! Can't wait to see the progress on it--might be inspired to make my own, and I have plenty of other stuff to be doing!

julieQ said...

Love the eye candy! They have that Civil War Crossings kit at my locala quilt store. It is soooo tempting!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Looks like you got yourself a good haul of fabric on your trip!!
I so need to tidy up my stash. I pulled so much over the last little while, it is soon about to come out into an avalanche and bury way.. hmmm now there is a way to die!! At least I will have a smile on my face :)

I also love the Sister's Choice Medallion Quilt!!!

Mary Johnson said...

Your quilt looks great in this color combination - red/beige is one of my favorites!

The stash looks all nice and tidy too!

MARCIE said...

Your Sister's Choice design looks great in those reds! How great for you and how fun! Have you seen the CW Crossings fabric line? I weep! But then I am over the top with the CW fabrics!

MARCIE said...

Oh silly me! Now I see that you have some of the fabric sitting on the magazine! I bought some of that pink too! Love it!

Quilts And Pieces said...

oooo pretty.


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